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  1. How good is Soler of Valencia. A young 90 rated player. Will he go up?
  2. Hi everyone Does managing an international affect your club team in any way? I know this forum is for ratings but no other forum is active.
  3. Whats your thoughts on zakaria as a riser?
  4. ThanksPlayed great against Juventus
  5. nehun perez..kabak..bastoni. can you rank and will they all rise in summer rating? Are they all destined for the top?
  6. Rating predictions for kabak 5m, nuhen Perez 3m, max aarron's 5m,, kamara 10m, soumare 6m, rice 20m, oxlade Chamberlain 16m Francisco Montero 3m, vinagre 3m, ndicka 7m and finally konunde 10m These players are unmanaged and I've 30m to blow. Who would you recommend Thanks in advace
  7. Hi just wondering if there is a timeframe for the rating changes for the major leagues : Italy, Germany, Spain & England. Thanks in advance?
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