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  1. Who is better to buy in terms of hitting 92....hakimi or lucas Hernandez??? For me Munich are stuttering a bit but Hernandez is their best performing defender but yet is in and out of the team. Hakimi is going well. Doesnt always start and inter are not as good as munich but creates and scores
  2. Lucas hernandez or theo Hernandez? Lucas Hernandez & bastoni for hakimi?
  3. Hakimi or pavard? Hakimi or havertz?
  4. what are peoples condition on condition within a game. I normally play lads if they are 94% plus. Big game today and my key player 88%..what would you do? Sub him on after 60 mins or sub off after 60 mins Thanks in advance
  5. Kessie and Haaland or havertz and Werner
  6. Are Munich rises done. Whst about pavard?
  7. Rating predictions for the following please? Godin Pavard Lucas hernandez Emre can Pjanic Havertz Werner Farland Mendy
  8. Rabiot or emre can and reasons please? Thanks in advance
  9. What order would you put these in Rabiot ... emre can.. or Marcos llorente or rodrygo Thanks in advance
  10. Kessie....merino...or neuhas??? What order please
  11. Lozano...kessie...zielinski....lorenzo pelligrini...persic...schick...under...suso....ramsey A very diverse list of attacking players but are all squad playerd. Positions aside....what 2 players do you keep. The rest will be sold Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all In the short term (1-2 years) would you rather Hummels or gimenez Walker or Pereira (Leicester) & felipe ( A Madrid)
  13. De vrij or sule? Maddison or nkunku? Thanks in advance?
  14. Can you please rank the following: Aouar, bentancur, pogba, valverde, de beek and partey I need to pick 2 if these?? Who would be your 1st and 2nd pick? Thanks in advance
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