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  1. It's not appeal ever more,just connection to past posts.Today I got 12th player injured in the season.Still fighting fot the title!
  2. Do you think we can expect Puig rise? If yes how much it could be?
  3. Some CB CM and wingers/strikers 86/88 who may rise to 87/89 soon? Who has more potential irl Reece James or Max Aarons? Didn't watch them so idk but I consider one of em as new RB
  4. HELP PLEASE Through the whole season I have huge problem with injuries.Some of them were when I played pressing all over and hard tackling but most of them are not.Right now it's the middle of the season and I have 9 players in total injured or were injured (half of them are long term although 2 weeks is long when schedule is packed) - 5 still injured 4 are healthy.Some of them got injured 2-3 times so far through the season.Although I dont have strongest team I'm first in league with all wins and will play finals in both cup and shield.I'm starting to think that there is some sort of script that doing this.Other teams together didnt have as much injuries as me.I also dont play players under 95% fitness.I know this is off topic but It makes me desperate especially when I consider that my schedule is the hardest possible and I play SM for 10 years with pauses included and didn't have any objection on game until now.
  5. Partizan supporter here. Filip Stevanovic is pure talent,daring,agile,dribbles forward,not afraid to shoot,prolific winger.Two goals last game one from direct free kick.Showing great talent since the moment he debuted.Top 3 talents in attacking positions in Partizan years back and for sure Top 5 in all positions.Hope he will develop in right way.
  6. I also noticed some of my players gone up in price just like that.
  7. Sinisterra will be 21yo in 16 days.Will his value drop? He is 5m worth now.
  8. Luis Sinisterra+1.4m for Patson Daka and Martinelli? I think this is fine deal just waitting right moment because Sinisterra is my top 3 forwards.
  9. Mykolenko is one of top prospects of Ukraine in general.I also have Diveev and Matviyenko + Safonov and Barinov from RPL. I'm not too much into Argentina,will buy only Fausto Vera.
  10. I also have players from those leagues,keep them for now. Since review is going slow transfer ban for those players will expire,If it didn't,until reviews of top 4 leagues and you will be able to sell or change them for better money.Depends also which players you have but there are some really interesting names there,especially for lower budget teams.I'm also impatient about Russia,Ukraine and Austria.
  11. Pope and Butland were the first ones i was thinking about.I remember when they appeared both were considered big talents. This one was very helpful and made me think a little more,thanks. Ah yes,Euros.Totally forgot about it.Since I give England big chances and will support 'em,hope he proves himself in Euro. In the beggining Henderson was just a thought,mainly because he is 6m worth (only 1m more than Dragowski e.g. but Im in low budget team 1m can make difference).But now I will consider him as one of first options.cheers
  12. Already have Bodart,he rose this month to 82.Belgium league is over so I don't think he gonna rise. Yeah,Dragowski was first name on my list.After him is Ramsdale.But I think Dragowski is better prospect for the future.I'm also thinking about Dean Henderson.What do you think about his chances in future? Last years English goalkeepers "explode" then stay or drop... Got him about 2 months ago
  13. Some goalkeepers 82-85 who might go over 85 tll the end of the year?
  14. Thats why I played like that,they were stronger,but only on paper haha 2 of them are my starting center back and left back so yeah,ones of the best
  15. That might be,I played hard tackling,fast,pressing all over in last matches. 28 players in rotation.
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