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    I'm the boy who cried WOLF!
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    Football and Tennis
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    Manchester United
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    English Championship 2942/Beacon Rovers/The Best Setup In The Entire Universe
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    Nemanja Vidic
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    Beacon Rovers - Div. 1 - Barcelona

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  1. Joe Atkinson

    SM Staff

    Didn't know being abusive to one of the SM supporting staff will cost you your best club!! When talking about how I was unfairly banned from the SM Newspaper!!! Sorry Tom didn't know your so sensitive. Pffff
  2. Re: Game World of the Year 2009 English Championship 2942
  3. Re: Game World of the Year 2009 English Championship 2942
  4. Joe Atkinson


    Re: Game World of the Year 2009 English Championship 2942
  5. Current Club: Schalke Age: 23 years old Nationality: Brazilian Position: RB Rating: 90 Last Rating Change + 1 (26/03/2008) When's this guy's rating going to raise again? I, and of course others, rate him as one of the top 3 RB's in the world. So his at least should be 92/93. The German changes were last month so how didn't they change his rating considering that he's the best RB in Germany!!
  6. Re: A question? Cheers for the replies. Another question: What will hapeen when I finish 2nd at the end? Also will tell me tomorrow and give me some money?
  7. I've just finished a season with Barcelona top of the league, but they're not telling you won any honours and the congrats, ..etc. It's my first trophy on SM so don't know what happens if I win one. Will they tell me tomorrow or after a few days? Thanks in advance...
  8. Re: The Epitome Of Managerial Skills!!!! Reserve me a place please. ;-)
  9. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 28 Sorry but what's ESB?
  10. Re: SM Predict - Season 4 - Week 28 Can I join this compo?
  11. Re: Rising CB to 90+ Mexes could stay or rise 1+ I think.
  12. Re: Shall I do this deal? Well Aguero is only 20 and have a long bright career which could make him reach 96 and he could join Man Utd or other big teams in the future. But can't decide still.
  13. Manchester United offered me: Berbatov (93) + 30 Million for Aguero (94). I'm Atletico in that GAME WORLD. And second in Divsion 1 4 points away from 1st placed team Real Madrid. So do you think that deal would improve my team and give me a chance to win the league?
  14. Re: Ideas Yeah good ideas those. I also want them to add a feature where we see the chairman satisfication and fans' support. Btw, I'm trying to start a new topic but can't find the button for that. Any help?
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