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  1. Need a replacement for Eriksen at CAM. Bernardo Silva or Lautaro Martinez?
  2. My current goalkeeper is Handanovic but I also need a backup winger for Salah and Gnabry as I only have Aspas. Given this information, should I sign Courtois or Havertz? I can only buy one right now. (Courtois as my starting GK and Havertz as backup winger) My dilemma here is that Handanovic is 36 but just reached UEL final with Inter so maybe I can hold on to him for one more season? In that case I should by Havertz first. Any thoughts?
  3. My first reaction was hell nahh but now it got me thinking. I'm still leaning towards rejecting the bid as my backup striker is only Haaland although I can still deploy Salah as a striker with Bernardo and Gnabry on the wings if I accept the bid.
  4. Should I give up my Mbappe for Bernardo SIlva + Havertz?
  5. Hi, I have an excess of 60 mil and need tips to improve my team. My defenders are currently Marquinhos, TAA, Pavard, Davies, Gomez and Kolarov. Do you think I should bolster this defense with Koulibaly who's very expensive or is this sufficient? Also I need to buy a first-choice GK and the available ones are Szceszney, Handanovic and Courtois. Is Courtois a must buy here? Finally I also need a AM(R/L) for cover and am looking at Havertz or Joao Felix. Is it more imperative for me to spend big on defense with Koulibaly + Handanovic or is it better for me to get Courtois + Havertz?
  6. Is Sao Paolo done? Really did not expect Dani Alves to stay 🤨
  7. I need a makeshift first choice CB till Pavard comes of age. Alaba or Fabinho?
  8. A rather peculiar question guys. What is Salahs best position in this game? I play a 4231B with Hazard at AML and Salah at AMR. Hazard has been tearing it up with 5 goals and 15 assists while Salah has been extremely underwhelming with 1 goal and 3 assists and a 7.00 rating. (18apps each). I’m gonna sell Hazard to bring in Sterling and more players (Gnabry + Alaba) so losing all those stats is quite detrimental for the team if Salah continues to fire blanks. Is this just the SM engine not translating into real life performances or is there something I’m doing wrong?
  9. Hi, I need a winger for my squad who would mostly be cover/subst for Hazard and Salah. The options available are Sane, Sterling, Havertz, Felix, Gabriel Jesus, Brandt, Lemar, Pepe and Gnabry Also would it be worth it to sell Hazard if I were to buy 2 of these players?
  10. How would you rank the midfielders and forwards above?
  11. Hi, this is my team so far. 4-2-3-1B GK - Leno, Vandevoordt, Winterbottom LB - A. Davies, Milner, Kolarov RB - TAA, Dani Alves CB - Marquinhos, Gimenez, J. Gomez, Hilton MC - Thiago, Henderson, Rodri, Vidal AM(RLC) - Hazard, Salah, Cazorla, Eriksen ST - Mbappe, Aspas I will swap Leno for Szceszney soon. I am also going to bring in Pavard and thus selling Gimenez. With the Gimenez money, should i be looking to buy Havertz/Gnabry or Haaland + another player to strengthen my team? If the latter, which player do you think is suitable to get with Haaland? Besides that what positions can be improved? Winterbottom, Hilton, Cazorla, Aspas and Vidal are all planned to be sold or used for swaps.
  12. Explain please? Are you saying Liverpool made it into the 2018 UCL final thanks to the referees and not absolutely smashing Roma at Anfield and taking a 2-1 lead in Rome which effectively ended the contest? Yes Roma won 4-2 but remember that Nainggolans goals came in the 86th and 94th minutes at which they needed 3 goals to go through and time wasn’t on their side.
  13. I’ve decided to sell Gimenez for Pavard + Haaland/Valverde. Which one of the 2 do you think is more “must have”? in midfield I already have Thiago, Eriksen, Henderson and Rodri. Valverde would be a good young addition to my old midfield. However Haaland is a generational talent and would be a good backup to Mbappe despite the almost negligible age difference 😂. As for Eriksen maybe I can sell him later for Havertz + Valverde/Haaland + Cash.
  14. Would you give up Hazard/Thiago/Eriksen for Valverde + Haaland + Pavard? or even Havertz + Valverde/Haaland/Pavard? The problem is that Hazard/Thiago/Eriksen are not expected to drop anytime soon from their elite ratings but the imminent rises for Valverde, Haaland, Pavard and even Havertz as well as their potential makes this a hard choice.
  15. Are the following players expected to rise in the next review? Alphonso Davies, Rodri, Valverde, Havertz, TAA
  16. How would you rank Valverde, Bentancur, Zaniolo and Odegaard?
  17. How much is he expected to rise by? Any thoughts on Maarten Vandevoordt?
  18. Young, possibly rising GKs for under a million?
  19. Joao Felix (18mil) or Kai Havertz (32mil)?
  20. Are Cazorla, Dani Alves, Aspas and Vidal expected to fall?
  21. Hi, thanks for your reply. I sold him so that I can get some funds to strengthen my team. I was planning on replacing him with Hendo + Rodri as Rodri is the same age. Do you think I should sell Mahrez? I was planning to swap him for Hendo and use the rest of the money on Joe Gomez + Rodri. I’ll probably go for Havertz once my regular season is over.
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