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  1. This is my team right now and I normally play 4-2-3-1B. GK - Leno, Carson DF - TAA, Marquinhos, Gimenez, Kolarov, A. Davies, Dani Alves, D'Ambrosio, Hilton MID - Thiago, Eriksen, Milner, Vidal, Cazorla, AM(RCL) - Salah, Hazard, Mahrez, Aspas ST - Mbappe, Quagliarella I recently sold Arthur and have 37 million to spend. I want to get Henderson, Joe Gomez, Szczesny, Rodri and maybe Raphael Guerreiro. Who should I prioritize? I'm also thinking of swapping D'Ambrosio and Mahrez to fund some of this deals. I'll probably go for Havertz/Gnabry later once I have the funds to replace Mahrez. Any suggestions on who to keep, sell and buy?
  2. Thanks for the reply! One more thing, does Rodri have a chance of +1 soon?
  3. Arthur + Mahrez for Henderson + Rodri + Pavard/Joe Gomez/Kimpembe? I’m thinking Kimpembe as I need someone to play LB while waiting for Alphonso Davies to get a higher rating.
  4. Hi, I’m looking to replace my Mahrez with either Gnabry or Havertz. Which one would be the better deal?
  5. I’m considering selling my Arthur + Mahrez for Henderson + Havertz/Gnabry or Henderson + Joe Gomez + Haaland/Felix/Aouar. I can also get Gomez/Haaland once my regular seasons ends but rating increases may cause their prices to soar. The likes of Felix, Pulisic and Aouar are also available in my GW. What are your suggestions? Also for GKs, should I swap Leno for Szczesny (92) or one the young talents like Onana, Donnarumma (91) as my first choice?
  6. He seems to be very versatile being able to play across the back line. However is he really a better choice than Pavard? How about Upamecano who’s 21 and projected to rise to 91 soon?
  7. Hey thanks for the reply! The fact that Hendo is gonna be 93 is very tempting indeed. At the same time Arthur could be a world beater at Barca in a few years or he may never be 93 so thats a dilemma. I disagree with Liverpool being a one hit wonder though as last season they wont the UCL and this season they’re gonna win the PL.
  8. What are your thoughts on Henderson + 10m for Arthur? Should I accept it (Arthur is mine)
  9. Any young risers below 1 million looking at big rises now? Need a player to bring my squad to 22 players.
  10. Should I sell Arthur for Henderson + Alphonso Davies? Are there any potential 92+ mids i can go for instead of Henderson?
  11. Should I sell Hazard for Aguero + cash?
  12. Regarding your 4231b formation, what about your mentality, attacking and tempo? Do you tick any of the playstyles?
  13. Hey thanks alot for the info! Glad to hear about the formation. Just got worried as I lost an even game to the best team in my league. Oh well I’ll try to have a different tactic just for him while sticking to this for most games. What do you think of 433b with my squad? I’m definitely looking for left backs and Davies, Klostermann, Lodi, Otto and Wendell are available. I’m leaning towards Klostermanm atm. Thanks for the reply! Was thinking of experimenting with 433b but maybe I’ll stick to this for now. Yes, definitely need a proper LB. Klostermann seems promising indeed! For GKs Alisson, Ederson, Onana, Donarumma, K.Navas, Schmeichel are available but I’m lacking funds at the moment so probably stuck with Leno for now. Squad depth is decent I think, I have a defensive based Cup team with a 90-91 avg rating so hoping for some upsets there.
  14. Hey guys this seems to be the most active thread here so here goes. What would be the most suitable formation/tactic for this squad? Currently im using 4231b but perhaps its not the best for my squad. I think my attack and midfield are strong (2nd best midfield and above average attack in my gameworld) but my defense is maybe only average.
  15. Hi, I'm looking for a formation/tactic better suited for my team. I'm currently using 4-2-3-1b and perhaps its not the best with the players I have. My team is as below. Do you have any advice?
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