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    daproz reacted to RoyLeo in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Get Theo. But can you give up Navas or Alba instead of Ricardo?
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    daproz reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Career going down hill, currently a free agent and is on the verge of joining PAOK
    Patson Daka performs well for me but I guess it depends on how cheap you are thinking
    Martinez, he’s got a higher potential in my opinion even though he’s predominantly a striker.
    This is true, a few English clubs are interested too
    I think Bogle could rise too maybe 84/5 he’s the better of the top as well and has been an exciting prospect in England for the last couple of years.
    Just unfortunate for him that RB is a position that England have many talented players.
    This season.
    Been loaned out to Boavista from Lille so I would expect him to get game time.
    He never played for United so that’s why his rating has been the same for a while now.
    Ricardo because he can play both positions but I think Theo has the most potential.
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    daproz reacted to Rahul W in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    What a shame for Zaniolo
    Prefer Ricardo
    Bernardo as a CAM specifically  but Lautaro in general
    No reason to rise till now, if he plays regularly at Boavista he could
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    daproz reacted to Aaaa in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Bernado Will do better as a CAM than lautaro
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    daproz reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yeah SM do love to inflate prices
    Goalkeepers can go for a lot longer than outfield players IRL so I wouldn’t be too put off by his age.
    Handanovic will probably be 90+ for as long as he is at Inter, I think he’s a decent keeper so I wouldn’t know why Inter would swap him at this moment in time.
    Havertz probably a 94+ in future as well.
    This has been happening to me more and more often these days 🤮
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    daproz got a reaction from Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    My first reaction was hell nahh but now it got me thinking. I'm still leaning towards rejecting the bid as my backup striker is only Haaland although I can still deploy Salah as a striker with Bernardo and Gnabry on the wings if I accept the bid.
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    daproz reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Keep Mbappe, he will be the best player in the world when Messi + Ronaldo retire.
    If you need depth though I would go for the duo with a tear in my eye.
    I would sell these 4 players in that list.
    Adrian Fein, Willock (after rise) McNeil (after rise) and B. Tavares

    He could rise, it might be too early though like you say.
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    daproz reacted to The punch in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    so you want to sell a future 97+ ?
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    daproz reacted to Nameless in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Keep Mbappe.
    Bernardo Silva reached his max I think. 
    Havertz is a tricky one but still if he moves (to Chelsea) he will need settling in time. 
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    daproz reacted to Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    From what u say I'd go with your "gut feeling" cos if Mbappe suddenly rockets up, you wil be kicking yourself forever that u sold him! BUT do listen to Kieran and Sir Rahul as I would welcome there expert advice too.
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    daproz reacted to Rahul W in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yeah haha. Buy a young GK (someone like Meslier), then the bids will come.
    Oooh, hmm that is interesting. Not an issue of course as the Italian league is also finished. But was looking forward to PL first.
    5 Italian teams left in Europe, 4 English teams left in Europe. 
    Ooh, not an easy one. Do you want quality depth or the best asset on the GW? Mbappe should stay at 95 for some time, but when he does move to Real Madrid, he should easily get 96+. 
    Bernardo you feel has peaked at 93 for now because he will not get the numbers required for 94 at City (due to the number of attackers they have + regular Pep rotation).
    Havertz should get his move, but even if he moves to Chelsea can he get 94+? Not sure. Plenty of attackers there. Then again he is only 21.
    And so is Mbappe. For me, I'd keep Mbappe.
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    daproz reacted to Soccahappy in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Ohhhh that is difficult one. It depends surely if u need depth or Top Goalscorer? Myself I'd go for the Duo but I think u need a lot of opinions on this one daproz, good luck. What actually was your gut reaction to the bid?? 😃
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    daproz reacted to gyanthecat in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Hello guys! Got a new PC, and first thing I did was to ultimate my Bundesliga predictions! I will now be getting ready for the next league. Not easy to keep up with such a fast pace by SM!
    Forsberg    91 to 90   -1
    Kampl    91 to 90   -1
    Nkunku    88 to 89   +1
    Laimer    88 to 89   +1
    Mukiele    88 to 89   +1
    Angeliño    87 to 88   +1
    Tyler Adams    85 to 86   +1
    Borussia Dortmund:
    Sancho    91 to 92   +1
    Hakimi    90 to 91   +1
    Reus    93 to 92   -1
    Hazard    90 to 91   +1
    Akanji    90 to 91   +1
    Guerreiro    90 to 91   +1
    Schulz    90 to 89   -1
    Haaland    88 to 90   +2
    Zagadou    86 to 87   +1
    Reyna    76 to 80   +4
    Morey    73 to 78   +5
    Bayern Munchen:
    Lewandowski    96 to 97   +1
    Coutinho    94 to 93   -1
    Gnabry    92 to 93   +1
    Pavard    90 to 91   +1
    Davies    88 to 90   +2
    Zirkzee    75 to 80   +5
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    daproz reacted to RoyLeo in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yes and don't wait.
    I wouldn't touch Busquets unless he is the only one left in the world.
    He has always been consistently understated as a player but he has also won a lot, except Champs League which there is still a chance for Man City this season.
    Varane. Younger, playing for a better club and country.
    You need one good keeper and Courtois is the best option out of the 3 mentioned.
    But I feel your defence needs a stronger starting CB as a priority. So I would suggest getting Koulibaly. And spending big of defence seems a more urgent need for you.
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    daproz got a reaction from gyanthecat in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Is Sao Paolo done? Really did not expect Dani Alves to stay 🤨
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    daproz reacted to Milanista1 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Thought we may lose by 4 goals, not win...Forza Milan! Even Rabessiot and an in-form C.Ronaldo couldn't stop us. 😀
    B. Fernandes is in much better form and is higher rated, it's great to see him at United. I've never really rated T. Abraham - I got rid of him as soon as his last review. 
    Seems a bit too much for one Hazard. 
    I'm Milanista! 😀
    I would think so. He's also been injured (missing a total of 11 games) this season. And Napoli did win the Copa so I would think he is to stay. Plus he could move to either to City or Liverpool, which would be a step up to Napoli. 
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    daproz reacted to Rahul W in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    A few more
    Maybe, Chelsea's defence isn't the best so I'm not too sure though. Minutes wise yes, performance wise 50/50.
    Yes, the duo
    They will have money from the Osimhen deal
    Isak + Thorgan, for me. Maddison more long term but not much of a major diff.
    Bruno, easy choice
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    daproz reacted to jaybee in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I'd get Haaland and Valverde or Bentancur for midfield. You could then sell Aspas and Vidal.
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    daproz reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Looks like he’s joining up with the u23’s which surprises me because I’ve just been reading that Juventus we’re interested.
    I thought he must be given first team assurances, maybe rotate with Digne but it doesn’t look that way.
    Maybe Juventus weren’t that bothered in the end or the attractions of potentially playing in the EPL is the reason he moved to Goodison.
    Oh right,
    I based my comment off your predictions, I know nothing about rating changes in Brazil seems a little confusing with the different tournaments 😂
    I’m just waiting for SM to hopefully add Matheus Nascimento and Arthur Wenderroscky 🤩 
    Thats the only thing I want out of this review.
    Probably Martial, Minamino has been a bit of a flop and Cantwell will rise but is on the verge of going down with Norwich.
    Martial should also rise to 91.
    Tough, Camavinga, Valverde, Tonali, Bentancur (in terms of potential)
    Fati, Adeyemi, Kaio Jorge, Isak, Boadu/Zirkzee.
    No should stay at 93.
    If Real Madrid win La Liga and UCL then he may have a chance.
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    daproz reacted to Rahul W in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Long list haha, Kieran got it covered though
    Transfer windows are just for player registration 
    Bruno, SMS, Goretzka, Ndombele
    80 possibly 
    Hermoso should also get +1 so him
    not sure sorry
    Martial should get 91 and is the best of the lot, for me
    Sancho and Pogba, and then sell Ndombele for Bruno
    I'd get Havertz
    Could improve at CB potentially
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    daproz reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Martial + T.Hazard should both rise +1.
    Saint-Maximin is the GOAT!
    No in all seriousness he’s the little bit of stardust we have needed this season and I can see him at a top club in Europe in a year or 2.
    Probably wouldn’t buy Guedes, nothing stands out.
    I have had this problem recently with one of my teams.
    Haven't got enough players to fill the bench.
    The good old days 🙂
    I would buy Sancho + Pogba and sell Ndombele for the Bruno Fernandes.
    I would personally get Havertz/Gnabry, your wingers are ageing with all of them being 28+. Mbappe will see you through another 10 years so you don’t need to strengthen up front.
    I would maybe try buying a young midfielder, like Camavinga, Tonali, Valverde, Bentancur someone who will be 90+ in years to come.
    Henderson and Vidal are both 30+ so that would leave you with Thiago (29) and Rodri (24) Vidal has already started declining and so too Henderson in a couple of years.
    If you have the funds I would also look into buying a 70+ rated youngster up front, just for when Aspas starts to decline.
    Zirkzee, Adeyemi, Kaio Jorge, Fati, Isak, Boadu etc. You could also do a similar thing in the full back areas.
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    daproz got a reaction from ombarcagunners in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Hi, this is my team so far. 4-2-3-1B
    GK - Leno, Vandevoordt, Winterbottom
    LB - A. Davies, Milner, Kolarov
    RB - TAA, Dani Alves
    CB - Marquinhos, Gimenez, J. Gomez, Hilton
    MC - Thiago, Henderson, Rodri, Vidal
    AM(RLC) - Hazard, Salah, Cazorla, Eriksen
    ST - Mbappe, Aspas
    I will swap Leno for Szceszney soon. I am also going to bring in Pavard and thus selling Gimenez. With the Gimenez money, should i be looking to buy Havertz/Gnabry or Haaland + another player to strengthen my team? If the latter, which player do you think is suitable to get with Haaland? Besides that what positions can be improved? 
    Winterbottom, Hilton, Cazorla, Aspas and Vidal are all planned to be sold or used for swaps. 
  23. Haha
    daproz reacted to Nameless in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Two things - first, I shouldn't reply. Second, this is harsh. 
    Kierans provided a list and yet you ask to be kept in the loop when this players are added. 
    Give your password and he will do your tactics as well. 
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    daproz reacted to Kieran_S91 in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    Yeah, I think Eriksen for Havertz, Valverde/Haaland + cash is still a good deal for you.
    Eriksen is ageing and I reckon he will decline at Inter over time.
    I think Rahul has already done them mate 😊
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    daproz reacted to Rahul W in Rahul W's rating predictions   
    I would give Eriksen for those three
    Yes he is, won't rise for some time but is a good 90 rated CB
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