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  1. "The development team have advised that informations about Worlds will be released before the end of the month including a timeline of the improvements to be worked on" From what I understood from this is the update may have been delayed and may not happen this month?
  2. It depends on Dest's transfer which is bit weird. Bayern agreed terms with Dest whereas Barca agreed the fee for Dest with Ajax.
  3. Not everybody can use soccerwiki to upgrade or downgrade a player. Anyway I don't think a player's review is done solely based on how managers vote. It is one of the factor but not the only factor.
  4. I didn't mean to post in Rahul's thread. I meant to say put all your young players names and stats in your one thread instead of a France thread and a England thread.
  5. If I may, I think all this should be on 1 thread. It will get diluted with people not using forum as often bar few. And for mobile users like me it's quite hard to keep track.
  6. Nice but doubt it means anything in SM. Just trying to figure out how long it will take for him to make impact in senior level.
  7. Still no sign of an update. Is it possible to ask SM by one of the discussed group member when we can expect it? I do not understand the secrecy of the exact date for a much needed update.
  8. But why is he not in Benfica's squad? Has he been sent on loan to somewhere?
  9. How do you see Goncalo Ramos' of Benfica career spanning out? The site I use I did not see him in Benfica's squad. Keep or sale?
  10. What do you make of Marcus Fross at Bentford? This question also applies to everybody with championship knowledge.
  11. (i) Bade of Lens or Strijck(sp) of Leeds? (ii) Boga or Sorloth?
  12. Noisy - the laziest administrator of all time!
  13. It may seem random but players that deserve rises are getting it specially the young players and lesser known leagues. My theory for this "randomness" is soon SM's new update (I thinks it's 20th September) will take place. So to start a league and then in between to get a whole new variations will make no sense. So SM, like us, is abiding time for the 15th anniversary update. Then we will find out what the new normal is.
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