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  1. I would take Arthur. As you said the four are not even reserves which meabs 2 will grow concern sooner or later and I don't rate the other 2.
  2. Has Berardi reached his max? Is he getting linked to a bigger club?
  3. I am a supporter of current concern system. Say you have a big squad and you had to play your level 2 concern player instead of another player (who will now grow concern). If only 20 matches were all it needed no player would reach level 3 let alone level 5. And if someone has a small squad then it's just poor management. May be there are scopes to tweak things but I am a supporter of current concern system.
  4. Zakaria - 99 Diop - 99 Gorosabel - 99 Dodo - 99 Olaza - 99
  5. Whether you buy Auba or not I would sell Anguissa.
  6. 1) Carnesecchi or Hugo Souza? 2) Is Barkok worth buying?
  7. With M. Nunes reaching 83 will there be another rise for Nuno Mendes in a day or two?
  8. Silva Walison of RB Bragantino and Moreira Weveraon of Sao Paulo worth keeping faith in?
  9. Again what is happening with Hickey? He seems to have fallen out of favour.
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