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  1. Pereira. I can't see Carvajal rising anymore. Hakimi will be back at RM so Carvajal might be on shaky grounds and no more the first choice or enough games to rise (due to rotation).
  2. Don't think anything will get announced before the season is finished. Newcastle supporters will be on the street dancing. Nobody wants that at this time.
  3. I meant don't give Lascelles and Chicharito for canales
  4. I doubt he will go to inter. He is not 30+ and Young signed one year extension. They are trying to get Moses for 5m as well.
  5. Guys, what do you all make of Corona of Porto? Apparently he can play RB.
  6. People play SM20? Anyone knows what their match engine is like?
  7. Surprised nobody mentioned Emerson. Emerson!
  8. Honestly, I don't care about wholesome changes. I just want improvement on in-game play. Club A will have 10 shots on goal compared to Club B 2 and the result will be 1-2 to club B. Red card and don't lose. Yellow/Red card means 95% of the the time the freekick/penalty will be missed. I can go on....
  9. Lewandowski or Werner? No short term, long term answered. You have 32m and have to buy any one of the two.
  10. You cannot loan out your first 19 best rated players.
  11. Would you sell Olmo to get anyone of Kluivert, Cunha or Chukwueze?
  12. Yes I agree but SM really falls for the hype. Let's say Rice moves to Chelsea, he will get +1 just for that.
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