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  1. Gyan does predictions as well. Jaybee does the accumulated minutes for young players from every top leagues.
  2. This is big boys field people. Enter at your own risk.
  3. Yeah I read that too but I am pretty sure SM doesn't want to input any effort in the game. Ironically, now that they are doing it they are spoiling it. To break it, this requires to go back to game program and manually set up instructions for each and every GW. Great idea but not practical.
  4. Some of you have access with the power to be and this inconvenience should be raised and discussed. Everybody who approves the changes play SM so i cannot fathom how this random positional changes are still happening. I understand SM is playing catch-up for 4-6 years but they don't have to lose their mind or common sense over it. Ligue 1 players' positions get changed during French review is not a big ask. At least this way managers will know what's coming and can at least, salvage the team and season if they can. I personally know 7 LONG TERM managers who left because of this untimely positional changes. One of them had ZERO fullbacks!
  5. SM really needs to find a way when positional changes should take place. Players are also bought by the positions they play in. In GWs with squad cap or no money this positional changes are ruining a team. I am all for getting real but not this way - randomly out of nowhere.
  6. My motm was Spinazzola. And second motm Chiellini
  7. An impressive 28 players. Thanks all for joining. Can we hit 50 in remaining 5 hours?
  8. Winner: Italy Runners Up: Belgium/Portugal (depending on draws) Dark Horse: Czech Republic and Ukraine Top scorer: Lukaku Best player: Barella Best U21 player: Zabarnyi Unknown star: Zabarnyi
  9. Anybody who missed or have not joined the Euro 2020 app fantasy football league the code is below - 64NUTKRD01 There's 27 of us. The only place where I am comfortable saying, the more the better.
  10. Do you beautiful people want me create a league for the match predictions as well? PS: I am blind
  11. If Calhanglou goes to Qatar, as I read in a report, then take Walker. I also get the feeling Sergi has an outside chance of a -1 this review. Then again this is a waiting game and for how long you can push it back to see whether either of the two points are true.
  12. Can someone tell me if it's wise to hang onto Luka Romero, 16, of Mallorca aka Spanish Messi in a squad cap GW? I am aware of the hype but he rarely plays so in SM he will get paltry rises. And I know he is 16 but if he was anything like Messi he would play way more. This leads to my second question, he isn't Messi (see above) would you say he is Spanish Martial?
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