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  1. (i) Leandro Barreira or Patrick De Paula (also his expected rise)? (ii) Answer of i or Lovato?
  2. I am having the same issue. To give one example in one GW I have Donnarumma who constantly let's it 2 goals in 3 shots or 1 in 1. My opposing teams have 89 rated GK saves every and is often motm. Donnarumma's in game rating is often 5. At this point I gave up and there's nothing I can do about it. Just going with the flow. And one day I will just quit SM. PS: watch out for Pickford. The man became a superhero all of a sudden in SM. In another GW in friendlies I gave a try. Same formation, same outfield players (youth players). When I had 90 GK I lost 3-0 and 4-0 with rating 4 and 5. Changed my 90 GK for 75 GK and lost 2-0 and 2-1 with rating 9 and 10.
  3. Honestly I think, as far as ratings are concerned, SM should get rid of polls and simply go according to data. It's hard to believe that managers on wiki watch every match or almost every match of every team in a certain league. Then there's human element to it. There will be bias decisions, preferable treatments, etc, human nature. From what I understand people contributing to wiki looks at certain websites to come to a decision. So why not just cut it out? Managers on wiki should contribute to minor leagues (eg: Romania), player positions (give us manuals how it's done) and exceptional cases such as say data shows Pedri doesn't deserve 90 but there's been overwhelming call he should. SM should poll and come to a decision (not always agree to the poll).
  4. What do you make of Raul Moro? Will he get his opportunity this season? He had lots of hype before coming to Italy.
  5. What is happening with player's value? Szoboslai (sp) 10m to 8m Konate 20m to 16m to 14m Trincao 8m to 7m Kulusevski (as mentioned recently) 20m to 16m. Buying players seems like a curse at the moment.
  6. Or Varane is already like Baresi and Maguire will turn him into Lindelof.
  7. Did Angel Correa (Atletico) reach his max rating?
  8. Thought he was moving to Rennes? I even read an article where whoever at Rennes said they had been following him for couple of years. I remember it clearly coz just a day earlier prior to this article I sold him and was kicking myself.
  9. Can only buy 2. Your picks please - Cajuste N. Taveres (Arsenal) Busio Struijk
  10. I was thinking individual players like Damsgaard, Pedri, Donnarumma, etc. Sure they got reviewed with their club but that was according to their club performances. Didn't watch Copa so cannot name drop players. I always thought stellar performances with country gets visited in major tournaments as well. At one point players were getting rises (except N. Mendes) for getting called up to national teams and U23.
  11. Is Euros and Copa reviews in the pipeline or the Olympics need to finish so all gets done together?
  12. If you need to add beats to it let me know. Here's a preview - **dhup dhup jhak; dhup dhup jhak**
  13. Are there any La Liga followers? How is Odegaard getting along and will Ancelotti put his faith in him? Which leads to my main question - Pellegrini, Paqueta, F. Ruiz or Odegaard?
  14. Upamecano or De Ligt L. Hernandez or Klostermann Skrinniar or Laporte Pau+Tagliafico or Jesus (the player). PS: I am not Gyan the cat so do not ignore me.
  15. Do not forget to put crying emoji at the end of all your questions. That seems to be the trick.
  16. Who out of Mancini, Hateboer and Militao has the most potential of a +1 in them? Christensen is also an option.
  17. When I saw Belgian players I knew it has to be Alex Brice.
  18. How long will it take for Liam Delap to reach a playable rating in SM terms? City pursuing a striker doesn't bode well for him. Sell or keep?
  19. I usually accept bids of players who I want to sell when external makes an offer on other players to be on the safe side. I fell victim to other strategy where I accepted an external bid "with great timing" whereby the player would play his final game. And voila the transfer got completed in 6 hours. That's 1 hour before kickoff. Anything between the external offers and 6 hours prior will be completed at the same (12:14 am to 12:34am UK time if I am accurate). Hence, some takes 7, 8, 10 and 14 hours to complete.
  20. Even with the risk (very very likely) Rodrygo will go unregistered with RM since they already have Militao, Junior and Bale? Bale becomes non-EU from 21-22 season I think.
  21. Cannot argue with this. BUT... ...the person is affecting his health playing in that GW. So I said what I said and will stand by it.
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