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  1. PLEASE HELP. I have sold a player to an external club but i have not received any money!!
  2. Any 87 (or more) that will rise FOR SURE that cost no more then 5M? In spain BPL?
  3. Fernando or Gudelj from sevilla, which one will rise for sure?
  4. O'Connell, Stevens or Suarez, wich has more chance to rise at this predictions?
  5. I need a suggetion from an expert, ii need a LB that is at least 86 that will grow for sure (not in italy). Do not want to spend more than 5M. Do u think Saiss will have +2?
  6. Willock, Saka or Martinelli? Best one? +4 for all?
  7. O'shea biggest rise in LaLiga-BPL with his +7?
  8. No player in spain that will have a +5 at least?
  9. If u had to buy only 1 player in spain under 86 who will u buy?
  10. Gm, if u had to say which players will have the biggest rise in value of the price tag in the big4 prediction what would u say? Ithink mine would be Greenwood, A. Davies and Haaland (Also Saka or Martinelli maybe).
  11. Hi, i am lookning for very cheap player over 85 that are going to have a rise. I know it is difficult but some old players can have one such as Basham.
  12. Next championship ? Germany is ending ì, Russia started so i think it will be between MLS, Germany or Chezk. Could be also Brazil
  13. Which tactic has given u the best results?
  14. Thanks. Simple question. I noticed that overall I am at a loss because of the players' salaries. I was wondering if making some friendly at home (where the balance is positive) I can earn something at the expense of the shape of my players (I would play the reserves)
  15. I need a very expert advice. I need a central miedfield but i have only 2 M. I wolud like to buy a player that is 86 at least, that does not go down (at least till August) in rating and i would prefer if he rise up (till August).
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