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  1. Should I sell my Mane for de Jong + Sergio Ramos + 10mm (newish GW so cash is still valuable). Normally I wouldn't, but I have Firmino, Salah, Neymar up front, so I feel the deal would strengthen my back line and FDJ would help set my team up for the future.
  2. Agreed. Although looking at Camavinga as an example - last reviewed on 7 Dec, so 18 matches/~1300 mins. Not a huge sample to base a rise off of, but should be enough to justify the +3 that he deserves.
  3. There is a list of players that have been edited. Toulouse, Amiens, Nîmes today, so Ligue 1 review does seem underway.
  4. Is Ligue 2 next? I see the top two teams have undergone changes in SWiki.
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