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  1. Hi everyone, RecentlyI had pretty good results in 2 different GWs against better teams with this setup : 4-3-3A Hard tackling Mentality: very defensive Fast tempo Direct passing style pressing own half mixed attacking area And tick tight marking, playmaker and counter attacks
  2. I always tick counter attacks
  3. Probably yes, but I didn't try it against good opponent. I prefer counter attacks
  4. I think it is good. With fast tempo, defensive mentality, and direct balls
  5. I have similar experienced except 4-2-4. Sometimes It works with this setup
  6. I had some good results with 4-2-2-2, but recently, I didn't play against 4-4-2C
  7. My recent form since I changed into 4-2-4 defensive 😁
  8. I often use 4-2-4 for defensive play when I am weaker. I reach some good and goalless results.
  9. Now, it's just logic, I rarely meet with 3-5-2. Obviously, your opponent will attack in the flanks so I tried to find a formation which has 4 players there and good for counters.
  10. I think 4-5-1B or 4-4-1-1 is the best against 3-5-2.
  11. I beat sometimes 4-2-3-1B with 4-2-2-2 so I would try a new formation ( for example 4-3-3A)
  12. If you are stronger, play with short balls and fast tempo because probably you can't counter your opponent
  13. Anyone know something about Antonio Blanco from Real? Is it worth to keep him?
  14. Of course I am not the best in the league
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