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  1. From an entirely selfish point of view, I hope it's only a short hiatus. Enjoy yourself!
  2. Anyone else seein Saint Maximin as the new Jay-Jay? Max ratin???
  3. Cheers... Last question (for now) Angelino or Chilwell?
  4. Any chance of a rise for Bissouma or Bowen? Sell keep?
  5. Rank Shaw, Angelino, Reguillon, Zinchenko? Would they all be keepers?
  6. Or sell Vinicius Jnr + Amad Diallo for Camavinga
  7. Sell Vinicius Jnr + Alexander Isak + 8mil for Brandt? Too much??
  8. Swap vinicius jnr for oyarzabal? Longterm wise... Is it a good time to cash in on zakaria too or is he a keeper?
  9. Hi lads... Been following this thread of yeres silently for a while now tryna keep track of rising talent. Team havent been performing too well but im kinda just enjoying the scouting side of it on its own anyway. Scratching my head as to how you spot these guys so early. Anyway, reason I write is cos I've recently heard about the football index and I'd imagine some of you lads are on it already. Thinking of investing 20 quid or so for fun to see what it's like. Any of u guys been on it it though? Sounds too fun to be true tbh so im wonderin if anyone here has had any bad experience with it?
  10. Hi guys, is it a bad idea to sign players who have a morale of like 74 or so? Or do you think that has minimal effect if any at all on how they perform?
  11. Hi lads, I know this isn't usually the place for tactics, but I'm in need of some counter tactics for 433B. A draw here will do me. Last game of the season. A draw will do. Any and all suggestions welcome!
  12. Hi, new here.. Where do I find these League Predictions. Searching all over the place. Can only find old posts from 2017 and that. Thanks in advance
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