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  1. Nice job! Very pleased to be part of this GW. As you said, we succesfully managed to defend our cup trophy and win the league as well! A fantastic season for Newcastle United! Time for some D1 action now!
  2. I am interested, if squads are empty
  3. Is Holgate getting an upgrade? If yes, how much?
  4. Season 3 is coming to an end soon, and there are only 3 teams available! Crvena Zvezda (Division 1) Top players: N.BARELLA J.GREALISH R.JIMÉNEZ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AS Saint-Etienne (Division 2) Top players: M.KOVAČIĆ R.MORENO D.BLIND Indepediente (Division 2) Top players: K.NAVAS R.NEVES M.ODEGAARD Next season, transfer player rating cap rise to 93! Game World ID: 421220
  5. Teams available: Crvena Zvezda (Division 1) Olympique Marsseille (Division 1) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AS Saint-Etienne (Division 2) Indepediente (Division 2) Celtic (Division 2) Game World ID: 421220
  6. https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5f64e74f573afb0547a7dtThis is how the strongest Newcastle side might look in HRD Season 2! I may sign a stronger attacker for my 2nd striker position thats why adriano has a (?) beside his name.
  7. I am interested in joining the league...just let me know when the game world opens.....I would like to manage newcastle if it's possible but any club would be ok.
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