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  1. Picked up Brenford's Shandon Baptiste for a song earlier!! I have heard he was a good prospect until his injury last season. Anyone have any info on this guy??
  2. Thanks for you're invaluable input Laura! I have in fact done the deal and I am very happy you have given your stamp of approval!! Thanks!!
  3. Completed this just the other day!! Quite interesting to watch as they go from when they almost were sold to 4 years later!! Great insight! MUST WATCH!!
  4. I've had a counter bid for Gravenberch of Zouma+cash then Moussa Diaby for min cash? I have Zouma/Diaby. Is Gravenberch's potential as good as I believe?
  5. I rate Jota a lot! He has been unlucky with his injuries and this played a part in the 'drop' in form he had last season. I'm expecting Jota to kick on this season and be integral to the 1st team going forward.
  6. Liverpool have moved on in so many ways since Coutinho has left. Bottom line he isn't the kind of player Klopp would be needing now. The style and current players just wouldn't work for Coutinho at all. He burn't his bridges so like Sterling he wouln't be welcome back anyways.
  7. Been awhile but here I am again with a question I think I know the answer to!! LOL Been offered Frenkie + Alphonso Davies AND 25m for VVD I'd be a dummy to reject this wouldn't I? LOl
  8. The 'new' shirt looks just like the last 40 years of shirts IMO. Marketing at it's finest! Selling something that's almost exactly the same as previous shirts!! Nicely done Ajax, nicely done!
  9. Played as a FW 5 times in last 50 games. I think next he will be getting his GK added too as he plays there in training 2 times a week.
  10. Nicolas Capaldo signs for RB Salzburg? Anyone have any info on this guy? Worth buying? @thorgan lesar @Soccahappy
  11. Has anyone got some inside news on Nicolas Capaldo who's just been signed by RB Salzburg? Is he worth buying and what's his projected future?? Anyone?
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