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  1. He plays central for me and does ok. I have lot's of options and losing Havertz wouldn't be hurting me in short term, but long term, who knows!! lol
  2. What is everyone's thoughts on this transfer bid I just received for Havertz?? Eder Militao AND Thiago Alcantara?? A strong offer but I really like Havertz! I have Cavajal and Roberto and Partey for a RB. I have Eriksen, Pjanic and a few others I can also use as a DM/M. I'm swaying to keep Havertz but the offer is very tempting!! HELP!!
  3. Laporte for Koke & Piatek ?? What's everyones thought on the deal? Good? Bad? Awful? Will Laporte rise and will Koke & Piatek fall or stay same?
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