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  1. Just bought him in a full and competative GW for cash from an experienced manager for a steal!! Couldn't believe my luck!!
  2. I have to agree with most of what's been said funnily enough! I'm in a GW where I've just won the league, cup and CL and have a pretty stacked team. I agree if I was to lose Mbappe it will be a huge loss! On the other hand I'm getting Haaland AND Havertz who is really a makeweight, but what a makeweight! LOL The 89m in cash will just help buy some other players for now AND for the future.
  3. Hi all!! Here's one for you all!! I'd be keen to know what side you will be on!! My Mbappe for Haaland+Havertz+89m Annnnnnnnnndddddd gooooooooo!!
  4. Hi Everyone!! My Meslier+cash for a Level 3 concern Nubel?? I have Ter Stegan as my #1
  5. Hey guys!! Been offered F.Suso+Zouma for A.Correa plus a little cash today. I know Correa just rose +1 today to 91 but the players offered give me a little more depth and I think Zouma is getting a +1?? I do have coverage to be able to lose Correa, so whats the thought? Deal or No deal? LOL
  6. Oh my this is a drawn out thing!! My Koulibaly and now been offered Declan Rice + Depay plus 35m Now I'm tempted! I have Carlos as my other CB to go with Ramos. I will be losing -1 in overall ratings if I let him go but I'm still tempted for the future! Happy New Year you bunch of lovelies!!
  7. I have been offered SANE for my KOULIBALY + FABIAN RUIZ Is this too much to give? Or do I make the offer? I'm on the fence about this!
  8. I have Koulibaly and been offered Maguire & Maddison. Is Maguire have any chance of a +1 incoming seeming as Utd are performing at moment? Maddison maybe a +1 soon? Deal or no deal chaps/chapettes?
  9. Am I paying too much or is this deal a good one for me? My Sandro&Skriniar for Andy Robertson? Sandro is my main LB so Andy will be replacing him. Skriniar I'm using as a DM in a 4-2-3-1 and I will be weakening myself in DM but I have a few decent replacements that should be rising soon. Will Robertson possibly get a +1 considering Alaba got a +1 and Liverpool are top?
  10. So.....My LEWA...been offered Carlos(sevilla)+Chukwieze+Diaby(Leverkusen) Good or bad? I have Kane to play in my 4-2-3-1 formation Thoughts? Happy Christmas!!
  11. Been offered AOUAR+TIELEMANS for HAVERTZ What should I do?...........Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddd gooooooooooo!!
  12. Hey all!! 3 more sleeps!! Bellerin+Tyler Roberts for my M. Llorente? I know Llorente is probably due a +1 but he's only going to be a squad player for me. Take the deal??
  13. Mount+Bastoni for Casemiro?? I have Mount & Bastoni. My DM will be set for the next few years if I accept. Is Casemiro due a +1? I have a strong U24 squad. I want to challenge for the league next year with a team that has won the last 9 titles!! Should I accept or not? Thanks team!! Poker
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