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    sampillin reacted to bhfanaticos_92 in random risers   
    First of all I just wanna say that I didn't find any active thread for random risers (only one, but there are only players rated under 75), so if there already exist something like this, then sorry for opening a new one, and admin can close this thread, so there wouldn't be too many of them.
    If you have any +4 (or more) risers, write them here.
    Daniel Buballa 75-79/80 (played 2041 mins this season)
    Dominique Heintz 75-80 (1951 mins)
    Hope Akpan 78-83 (from the last rating change he played 410 mins)
    Nathaniel Knight-Percival 72-77 (1938 mins)
    Adam Legzdins 75-79/80 (2520 mins)
    Scott Golbourne 78-82/83 (2734 mins and scored 1 goal)
    Jake Kean 77-82 (1440 mins)
    Ben Nugent 75-79/80 (747 mins and 1 goal)
    Timo Horn 75-80/81 (2250 mins)
    Akpan plays for Reading, others are in Championship or 2.Bundesliga. If they will review them at the end of the season, they will all probably keep playing until then, so I think they can get those rises.
    If there will be enough interests for this thread I can find for all of us a lot more of them.
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    sampillin reacted to timesle in Christian Trasch   
    Re: Christian Trasch
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    sampillin reacted to 123_ABC in CM or DM to buy.   
    Re: CM or DM to buy.
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    sampillin reacted to Hamsik17 in Balkan risers and ratings   
    Re: Balkan risers and ratings
    2290 views - 2 pieces of rep
    Very telling
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    sampillin reacted to BroodRoosterNL in Maarten Stekelenburg   
    Re: Maarten Stekelenburg
    Well just so you know, Stekelenburg says he's ready for a new adventure. So if your looking for a long term I'd say take him. If he ends up at a topclub (where he should end up) he can easily get a 94 like vd Sar.
    To give you the reason for that, before the WC everyone though Holland would suck cause we didn't have vd Sar anymore. Well after the WC you didn't hear anyone about that anymore
    Stekelenburg is a great goalie, just needs to move clubs to get rise and he'll most likely will move. I believe his contract goes till 2012 but if I were Ajax I'd sell him to make some good money. So probably leaves within 1 or 2 years.
    Just don't expect him to rise while he's still in Holland.
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    sampillin reacted to Maxpayne in Maarten Stekelenburg   
    Riferimento: Maarten Stekelenburg
    Hes a safe 90, but i doubt he will rise, Ajax is just 4th, in a league that isnt very competitive.
    He can aspire at a 91 but probably not this season.
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    sampillin reacted to NariN in Denilson or Diaby ?   
    Re: Denilson or Diaby ?
    He will rise for sure.Then get rid both of them and try to get some of these from the middle : m'vila,nuri sahin,pastore (AM)..Great talents and they could rise again on end of season.
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    sampillin reacted to Efc33 in Section 3 Moneymakers (Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden)   
    Section 3 Moneymakers (Finland, Iceland, Norway & Sweden)

    This thread will have all the best moneymakers from the Section 3 Database Changes. I have done Norway, and I will look to do the other countries over the rest of the week. If any of you have any questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to ask

    Aksel Berget SKJOLSVIK (Molde; 22): 78 - 80
    Vegar Eggen HEDENESTAD (Staebaek; 18): 78 - 82
    Magnus LEKVEN (Odd Grenland; 21): 78-81
    Amin NOURI (Valerenga; 19): 76-80
    Solomon James OWELLO (Start; 21): 78-80
    Vidar NISJA (Viking; 23) 80-82
    Edwin EZIOYADWE (Lillestrom; 21): 76-80
    Nosa Emanuel IGIEBOR (Lillestrom; 19): 78-81
    Kim Andre MADSEN (Stromsgodset; 20): 77-80
    Anders LINDEGAARD (Aalesunds; 25): 74-80
    Amin ASKAR (Fredrikstad; 24): 80-83
    Anders Agnes KONRADSEN (Bodo/Glimt; 19): 78-81


    Finland is not a very well rated league - only the top few teams have players rated 80/81, so there are not many larger rises at all from the Finnish league...
    Rasmus SCHULLER (FC Honka; 18): 74 - 78/79
    Jami PUUSTINEN (FC Honka; 22): 78 - 80
    Samu-Petteri MAKELA (TPS; 23): 70 - 73/74/75
    Mikko PAATELAINEN (TPS; 29): 79 - 79/80
    Timo FURUHOLM (Inter Turku; 22): 78 - 79/80
    Markus JOENMAKI (FC Haka; 21): 74 - 78
    Ilari RUUTH (Tampere United; 19): 70 - 75
    Maxim VOTINOV (MyPa; 21): 75 - 78


    Again, Iceland is a lowly-rated league, with decent risers few and far between...
    Mark RUTGERS (KR; 23): 75 - 78
    Gunnar Orn JONSSON (KR; 24): 77 - 79
    Skuli Jon FRIDGEIRSSON (KR; 21): 77 - 79
    Jordao DIOGO (KR; 24): 76 - 78/79
    Elfar Freyr HELGASON (Breidablik; 20): 70 - 74


    Martin MUTUMBA (AIK; 24): 80 - 82/83
    Mikael THORSTENSSON (AIK; 24): 78 - 80
    Daniel NORDMARK (Elfsborg; 22): 80 - 82/83
    Joel JOHANSSON (Elfsborg; 23): 77 - 79/80
    Abiola DAUDA (Kalmar; 21): 82 - 84
    John CHIBUIKE (Hacken; 21): 72 - 78/79/80
    Alejandro BEDOYA (Orebo; 22): 75 - 78/79/80
    Marcus ASTVALD (Orebo; 20): 75 - 78/79/80
    Jasmin SUDIC (Malmo; 19): 76 - 79/80
    Viktor NORING (Trelleborgs; 18): 80 - 82

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    sampillin got a reaction from Rob353 in Need Youth Squad Help!   
    Re: Need Youth Squad Help!
    sell bale. Getting no games at tottenham although in the wales side ( not exactly difficult ha ) will raise quite a bit of money.
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    sampillin reacted to m1kee in what you think of these three?   
    dont know if these already been on here but im new to this so here go's...having just got into the soccer manager scouting bug i recently did a bit of homework and signed these three for my youth team, will the three rise much as i think i got them for bargain prices.
    chris basham (r/b) bolton. just started getting a good run in the bolton team can also play in midfield.
    rated only 70!
    rhys williams (r/b c/b) middlesboro. on loan at burnley ,playing regular for them since he went on loan in january and also a regular u-21 wales int and called into senior side last game too.
    rated only 60!
    john fleck (am fwd) rangers. holding his own now in the rangers side since just breaking through the last two months.
    rated 73!
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    sampillin reacted to speegs619 in A Guide for Newcomers   
    I have noticed in the leagues that I am in that a lot of fairly new players seem to be dropping like flies after a few bad results once they sign on to manage a team. Many times this is because they get discouraged and they end up dumping their squads out of frustration. This leaves many teams in a lot of leagues unmanaged, which takes out the "human" element of being part of SM. Often times new players are dumping these teams after they have already made a flurry of transfer signings, trades, etc. that makes the team unattractive for a takeover by a new manager. However, I think that if some of these new players only understood tactics a little better, they would try to ride out a string of below par results and stick with their team, or perhaps even try to strengthen their weak areas with new players that fit their favorite style of play.
    As a support for this theory, I'll use the example of one of the leagues that I am in. I manage an FC Schalke team that (at its core) is probably one of the weakest in World Championship First Division. However, I am currently in first place in this extremely tough first division (with only 1 loss) and it's not because of the transfers I have made (I've only changed four players), it's because I'm pretty good tactically when it comes to planning for my opposition. This post is not meant to be a boast by any means, but I've had a good string of results against much stronger sides than my own such as Liverpool, Barca, Inter Milan, etc., simply because I've tailored my tactics and style to both my opposition and my own side.
    On with my main point, however. When I started in this particular league, 61 of the 80 teams were managed, a great ratio. Now, we are down to 31 managers and we have only played 9 league fixtures. In fact, several teams in the first division have already had three or four different managers in four weeks because of bad results.
    So, what I will attempt to do over the next few posts is to give newcomers a guide on how to understand tactics and the SM experience a little better, so that we have less and less new players dumping squads or leaving SM altogether. In the end I just hope that this will let newcomers to the game know that we have all been there and that if a new manager has some idea of what your side is, or should be doing and when, then one can be pretty succesful in this game and enjoy it more -- and thus might be more patient and/or willing to ride out an occasional bad string of results, which will inevitably come.
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    sampillin reacted to Motty in Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson   
    Re: Fed up of Sir Alex Ferguson
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    sampillin reacted to JamalU in *Custom Formations*   
    Custom Formations would be great since many managers have good players but for the wrong positions and need to move the positions about instead of having to be stuck with the formations given. Of course there will be many managers who cheat using formations such as : 0-0-11 or 11-0-0 so a limit on how many players you can put where would be great
    Defence: Min-3, Max-5.
    Midfield: Min-3, Max-6
    Forward: Min-1, Max-4
    I hope they add this to the game then it would be perfect
    so yeah vote people
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    sampillin reacted to RuudReijnders in risers +4 or more.   
    i've rated the whole eredivisie last 3 days i'll now summarize all predicted risers with a rise of 4...4+
    Vurnon Anita (76) +4/+3
    Jeffrey Sarpong (80) +4/+3
    Gregory vd Wiel (82) +4/+5
    Niklas Moisander (79) +4/+3
    Nick vd Velden (79) +4/+5
    Mounir el Hamdaoui (84) +4/+3
    Leroy Fer (82) +4/+3
    Georgino Wijnaldum (82) +4/+5
    Kelvin Leerdam (72) +4/+5
    Luis Pedro (74) +6/+5
    Diego Biseswar (82) +4/+3
    Marko Arnautovic (77) +7
    Arnar Smarasson (75) +6/+5
    Paulo Henrique (80) +4/+3
    Silva Luciano (81) +4/+3
    Danny Holla (82) +4/+3
    Gregory Schaken (75) +4/+3
    Barry Maguire (79) +4/+5
    Rafael Uiterloo (74) +5/+6
    Joel Thsibamba (75) +5/+4
    Saidi Ntibonkiza (76) +6/+7
    Donny Gorter (72) +9/+8
    Kees Kwakman (81) +4
    H. Leo Veloso (73) +8/+7
    Rens van eijden (72) +9/+8
    Mehmet Akgun (79) +4/+3
    Sergio Zijler (78) +4/+3
    D. Claudemir (82) +4/+3
    R. van Wolfswinkel(72) +11/+10
    Alexander Buttner (73) +8/+7
    Donovan Slijngard (73) +9/+8
    Erik Falkenburg (73) +8/+7
    Kevin Strootman (73) +8/+7
    Joshua John (77) +6/+5
    Eduard Duplan (79) +4/+3
    Joey Godee (72) +8/+7
    Tim Breukers (74) +8/+7
    Willy Overtoom (73) +8/+7
    Bas Dost (75) +7/+6
    Csaba Horvath (78) +4/+3
    Christian K um (77) +5/+4
    A. Rankovic (78) +4/+3
    L. Resodihardjo (74) +7/+6
    Jordy Buijs (77) +5/+4
    P. Jungschlager (79) +4/+3
    Stijn Wuytens (75) +8/+7
    Steve de Ridder (77) +5/+4
    O. assaidi (76) +4/+3
    Luuk de Jong (74) +6/+5
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    sampillin reacted to Gozzy in What is the best way to counter 4-4-2 ?   
    Re: What is the best way to counter 4-4-2 ?
    433 winger will be good
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    sampillin reacted to Herbythelovebug in Kevin Kuranyi a good buy or not ?   
    Re: Kevin Kuranyi a good buy or not ?
    I WOUDLN'T do it mate!
    1. Kuranyi has had an average season to date, just 7 goals and 3 assists in 19 games. The stats don't tell the whole story though. He netted 2 'doubles' meaning he's only scored in 5 games all season, which for a 92 rated CF playing for what should be a top 3 club in the league, isn'tgood enough imho. I'm predicting a drop of -1 but he might get lucky and escape the SM 'slash'.
    He recently had a very public fall out with Loew (the german NT coach) after walking out on the team at HT. The coach has said, he'll never play for Germany again as long as he's in charge! This could also effect his rating as 92+ rated players are usually always internationals.
    2. You are Liverpool, who in real life are having their best season in the EPL for some 10 years or more. Fabio Aurelio is the preferred 1st choice LB and playing well. I think he'll hit 90 and Benayoun has also been getting plenty of games time, a few goals and assists and should also increase by +1.
    If you still think they are dispensable and you're aware of ALL the facts, then feel free to buy Kurany, BUT you have been warned!
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