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  1. Once this starts in a GW it is very difficult to restore any equilibrium, even after the cancer has been excised. It seems best to compete in CGW where every team is managed and there is almost no turnover so that one of these fools can't come in an destroy the GW.
  2. Funny how a year under the Special One will have that effect on some young talented players.
  3. Sell Felix or Havertz to buy Lukaku?
  4. Harry Maguire - I know, I know, but in terms of his SMW potential, he has captained and played every single minute for a squad that will finish second (or top 3) in the EPL... +1 to 92? Rahul doesn't think so based on the preds but....
  5. How about Ever Banega? I'd like his 91 to last just a little bit longer.
  6. Plus Seven!! Thanks for that Kieran!
  7. Nothing lasts forever - Stuani 88 in Girona review! It was good while it lasted.
  8. But England isn't stuck with him! I agree he's a problem, but who gets his spot? Also hard to feel bad for United for over-paying, that's what they do.
  9. Thomas Lemar? He's logged over 1000 minutes already at Atleti, top of the table, what's likelihood of +1 next Spain review?
  10. But careful what you wish for. I fear that the "new" game is going to be awful, and that this old thing is actually quite engaging.
  11. Interesting article about Caicedo, Independiente del Valle, and "issues." It may be behind a pay-wall. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/21/sports/soccer/transfer-market-moises-caicedo.html?searchResultPosition=1
  12. It all depends on which club they are playing for. Based on their current teams, Bastoni might actually have the quickest path to 92, even though not the best of the lot. I imagine Upamecano and Kounde are bound for bigger clubs soon. Tapsoba is the least developed player of the bunch, but he has lots of potential. Carlos will be 28 in two months - not old for the position he plays, but probably less likely to move - also doesn't show much finesse at center back, as I've heard said here: "he can be a bit rash."
  13. Calvert-Lewin for Grealish I have DCL - he's sure to rise in the PL review, Grealish seems like less of a sure thing given his previous bump.
  14. Got it spot on haha I'm starting to think PSG players are always a good investment in SMW. PSG is always at the top of Ligue 1, and for non-scoring players minutes on a top team appears to be one of the driving metrics.
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