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  1. Julian Alvarez at River Plate just got a big bump: 80->85 But it seems a one off.
  2. I actually like Nkunku more, and he's younger, but until he moves a bigger club Grealish is the choice in SMW.
  3. I rank Fati, Greenwood, and probably Wirtz before Vini Jr., and you could buy two for the price of one Vini.
  4. It literally translates as: "Pronunciation Defenders" 😂
  5. Get Greenwood. He plays for one of the biggest clubs and has huge potential. Sell Malen and Ings. Osimhen and Schick are 💥💥💥💥 right now.
  6. Nope! A day late, and a dollar short.
  7. Is Viktor Tsyhankov (Tsygankov) capped at 88 for Kiev?
  8. It seems that Werner is being given the opportunity and is two years younger, but Dybala for me is the more complete player and appears to have fully recovered from injury. He was dynamic against AC Milan the other night. His contributions may not have shown in goals/assists but his pass to Morata setting up goal was golden and he was in the middle of most of Juve's chances. I would give the edge to Dybala.
  9. For now he's a maybe - I picked him up in a GW. Two goals in two games - if keeps up that pace he's a YES. 😂
  10. Does anybody here believe that Luka Jovic can now succeed at Real?
  11. Transfermarkt ranks Rice behind only Kimmich. I realize he's only 22 and that's a big part of his value, but is he really one of the top DMs on the planet? Top ten?
  12. I'd go Olmo. Keep Richarlison for a bit.
  13. I guess they were right when he got the +20! I watched Lorient/Lille match - he was brilliant. Funny that I picked him up in several GWs after the big rise, and then sold him after the last +3... because I'm a twitchy fool!!!
  14. Diaby Ocampos Bergwijn But Tottenham is the "biggest club" of the three, so there's that in Bergwijn's favor.
  15. Twelve hours and counting. The funny thing: on the web-based platform on my desktop I'm still getting the message alerts, and if I click on the GW the alerts go away, so I'm assuming the GWs are all humming along, I just can't access them.
  16. Not orderly. Chaos might not be the right term to describe it. Haltingly?
  17. It seem so - but the Brasil review has been a bit chaotic.
  18. He was very good in the match with Man U. I imagine he will be able to crack the Barca lineup next season, especially given recent events at Barca. Either that, or they sell him on.
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