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  1. I know that these 2 players are not playing the same position, but I have the opportunity to get one or the other in a competitive game world. Who would you choose between Golovin and Caio Henrique? Which one has the higher ceiling?
  2. Thanks and also @Kieran_S91 Thought so as well.
  3. Hi everyone. Need a bit of advice. I was offered Udokhai, Eggestein and Samassekou for Xhaka. Is this worth it? Udokhai I would want, but it will be a back up. Eggestein just dropped - 1 do you think he will raise again in the future? I'm fighting for promotion in a competitive world and I am afraid that taking Xhaka out of my mid will damage my changes to promote. What do you guys think?
  4. Great insight on the tactics Milanista. From your experience what would you suggest as a tactic and ticked options against stronger teams?
  5. Thanks mate. Dont believe I got your advice in the past. I tried to DM you, but it says you cant receive messages now. Should I try later? Please see my horrible goal scoring rate in the last 2 seasons. I am Feyenord.
  6. Hi guys, sorry to ask again, but is there someone around that could give me some pointers tactics wise? I just lost 1-0 against a team rated much lower than mine and I don't understand how. I have struggled with this for 2 seasons now, but whilst my defence is always top 3 in the whole league I fail to score goals and always have one of the worst attacking team in the league. I do not play defensive all the time, only against stronger teams and even when I employ an attacking mentality I still lose miserably. Any pointers on how I can improve the goal rate of my team would be much appreciated. As attacking players I have the likes of Haller, El Sharawy and Bakambu. They just don't score any goals. Please see my team below in the game I lost. I have tried 4231b and other tactics, but I don't believe the problem is the tactic but rather my instructions. I am in a competitive gameworld trying to gain promotion from 4th league. My team is probably one of the best 3 in the the 4th league and I don't understand how I am so unable to score goals. Other teams much weaker they score loads when attacking and if I try to employ that, I barely score a goal and lose. Any ideas? Are the up/ down arrows useful in any way? I haven't seen an improvement when using them.
  7. Thanks @Kieran_S91. Just created a custom game world to play with 7 of my mates. We did squad limits(40 players for main team and 20 for youth) and transfer just in between seasons and enforce these. It will be a free entry to all so obviously if someone wants to join shout. After I created the world it says I am in position null creation queue. Anyone has any idea how long does it take on average for the world to be created?
  8. Anyone have any idea about Syb van ottele? Surely a mistake, he can't retire when he is just 18? Can't find any news about this on good old Google?
  9. Really strange, but it does seem to be due to the amount of cash paid. Oh well, moving on. Thanks.
  10. Any idea why smfa keeps blocking valid transfers? My friend and I both got our transfers blocked with different teams. He offered decent youngsters plus money and I initially tried with just money and then money(£40mil) plus player and still blocked? Bear in mind we don't have double accounts and the teams we are trying to buy from have been in the league slightly longer than us. Is there any specific reason? Such as too much money that triggers smfa to block? I was so happy to finally get a 90+ gk transfer agreed to then see my hopes washed away. Or is there an algorithm that blocks transfer from just certain teams? The team that I am trying to buy from had at least 3 transfers blocked by smfa on 3 different players beside mine.
  11. That convinced me as always, Kieran. Thank you for the input.
  12. Is it worth exchanging Djene for Buendia? Is Buendia likely to move to a bigger club as I don't see him raising at Norwich.
  13. Thank you for the advice, I will probably action it. Lucky me as I have Hauge in my team for the future.
  14. Hi guys, do you think its worth changing Jonas Hector for Ever banega and Santiago Ramos?
  15. Thank you @Kierans91 and @Sir Rahul. I will go for Sow. Wow Sambia sure had it rough.
  16. Hi Guys, which of the 4 do you think has the higher potential? Cesar montes Djibril Sow Yves Bissouma Junior sambia I know they are different positions, but thinking about a future investment...
  17. Thanks god one of them is at Feyenord so I don't need to worry about chasing after him once he's added. In the UK as well so feel you. Thanks to all other guys who gave me advice about the game worlds, but I would rather stick where I am for the time being. Still struggling with scoring goals so switched to a 433a.
  18. Hey guys, slightly frustrated today. As you know I am in the fourth division in an active world. The first league teams have hundreds of players and obviously all over 90 and all best youngsters. Me and my mates started from the bottom and even though we have build a bit of our team, we decided to buy youngsters. My issue is that whenever I bid on someone guys from the first division also do and player always goes to their team. I know it is the rule of the game and its beyond my control, but i find it unfair, quite of like a monopol on best players and best new players. As someone was saying on a previous page, squad caps would be such a good idea and such an improvement to the game. I really hope it is something that will be sorted in the new version. Rant over.
  19. Quick question about players condition. On tactics all players are listed as 100% but on squad they are less than that, around 70%. Which one is the true value I should mostly be looking at? Squad or tactics? Afraid I might send someone in that is not fully fit so he might perform badly.
  20. Didnt know about 1st page, cheers. Will keep an eye out as I definitely need young players for the future. I'm a bit ashamed as I didnt find this game sooner. There isnt much about it online if you dont specifically look for it. Surprised people only know about fm.
  21. I know. I am playing with some of my mates, it's 4 of us so that makes it really fun and challenging, starting from the bottom to make our way to the top. We will stay here for now as we are all building our teams and we already started, but thanks for the heads up about other worlds. This one is really active so we enjoy it for now.
  22. Thank you for this advice, I will try it and see how it goes and also thank you to the person below who I cannot tag for his recommendation about playing same level teams. Will definitely try all options so I can get to the bottom of it. Would really want a limit introduced on squads as the first division teams all have 150+ high rated players and dont sell anything. This makes it quite hard for new players to fish anything from rhe pond and make a decent team. Anyway, love this game. Later edit. Thank you @Id rather be in SW19
  23. Hi guys, Just noticed this is the most active thread in here so apologies if this is not the right place to post. I am after some advice. I am new to the game and started in a league from division 4 and I am hoping to build a team and make my way up. The league just started and my strikers are struggling to score. My stats are quite good post game good possesion and shots, but scoring is a bit of an issue and I dont seem to be able to win. Also, I dont think I can buy any higher rated players as most are on the first division. I would appreciate some advice tactics wise. I have attached a few pics with my team and tactics. What am I doing wrong?
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