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  1. Pick your 2 most promising midfielders : Merino Neuhaus Hojbjerg Bennacer
  2. same here (hopeing for Correa +1) altough if Spain review would be finished here I would say it is a proper review .
  3. Would like to ask your opinion on some Real Madrid youngsters : Marvin PARK Antonio BLANCO Worth keeping after this review ?
  4. Knowing that wan-bissaka is 90 rated and played almost every game and all minutes , I would hope they give martial a -1 . Martial hardly played and when he did it wasnt all too great either .
  5. I would like to find a strong defensive formation that can be played along with following instructions: mentality defensive tackling aggressive temp fast pressing all over (I want to maximize cards and injuries so players wont start to complain regarding lack of games)
  6. Kieran_S91 Assistant has come to the rescue this morning ! SWIKI REPORT (20/06/21) Since it is Sunday , we are facing an absolutely non-exciting 2.5 pages of edits . Some loaners moving clubs , a few transfers but nothing worth mentioning and also no pointers of the next league being done . What is currently of importance is that the bottom of La Liga is coming through in game and it is going at a fast pace . Brian Gil even got himself a generous +2 rise . Thanks for reading and have a great day Cheers Kieran's assistant 😁
  7. I was really convinced Merino would get a +1 to 91 . Now I see the prediction showing -50% . He is 4th highest player rating of Sociedad (22nd in whole La Liga) , valued at 40M at transfermarket . Didnt know he was injured but apparently he has indeed missed some matches from april onwards . With the valuedrop coming up , now I am thinking of selling him if he does not rise . His value will drop to 14M though , not 12M . If I sell Merino , I could go for Hojbjerg instead . But I dont think Hojbjerg will rise either ? Who would you keep/buy ? Merino (after his value drop) or Hojberg (or maybe even John Mcginn , leander dendoncker) ?
  8. played 541B defensive fast all over against 433A and lost big time . no chance at all I had only 1 shot on target vs his 5 .
  9. That is dead cheap for Dias . I would definately accept it myself .
  10. Has not done enough in all honesty .. . I also have him but 89 is in line with his performances . Also missed some matches due to injury and corona .
  11. I'm with you . Can only hope they correct their mistake tomorrow .
  12. takes a long time before they choose direction of PL/Spain .
  13. What's the experience with the 5-4-1-B , both defensive and offensive playing style ? Is it a good formation vs certain other formations or just meh ?
  14. Is benzema still worth getting or will he decline soon ?
  15. We got a cheater in our GW already for months . all too obvious . He is taking over other teams so he can swap top world players for minimum bids between his teams . Also , since he has multiple teams , the concerns do not bother him as he simply swaps them between the different teams he has so the concerns go away . He has all the top world players and SM does not seem to think it is inbalanced at all , plus they never react to any of the reports made against him . We have already reported many of his deals and SM does not do anything at all . All of his deals simply go through . Was there some email address where you get more help regarding reporting of cheaters ? I remember reading something about this but can not find it .
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