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  1. I have a DMC who is 2 points higher rated than the rest of my team , so that's why i was thinking of trying a playmaker . I never use short passes . mostly I use mixed or direct . For playmaker it is best to use either mixed or short ?
  2. 343 was just a one time try for me . I don't think I will use it again after this . My team was way stronger and way better and I get a draw with it vs a relegation team with 433A , all default no tickmarks . I want to start using a playmaker . Never used it before . -Which position would you recommend in a 4231B to set as playmaker ? -Would you set an arrow on the playmaker in some situations ? OR is it best to set no arrows on the playmaker ever . -Are there other considerations ? Like , is it best to set mixed passing always when using a playmaker ?
  3. Ended in a draw vs the one third but last in the rankings . 343 seems no good vs 433A . his team average rating 87 , mine 89 .
  4. And Brazil is finished . Germany and Austria next would be my guess .
  5. I would say just try and tick tight marking and men behind ball , for sure if you have a worse team compared to others .
  6. Are you not conceding a lot of goals then ?
  7. Apparently Hwang going to Leipzig . Would that mean his rating goes up like it did with minamino going to liverpool ? 86 to 87-88 ?
  8. Good to know unmanaged teams have 0 tickmarks . I didnt know that . vs 433A all normal no ticks I will set 343 attacking/direct/fast with counter/tight marking/men behind ball . Will see how it goes but should be winning I guess . Hopefully his keeper will not be MVP .
  9. When you are facing an opponent who uses none of the tickmarks in the playstyle section , are they vulnerable to something in particular ? I would personally guess since they do not have tight marking nor men behind ball defense , they are vulnerable to an attacking team that uses short or direct passes ? Happy to hear your opinion .
  10. O that might Indeed be the reason why i dont see it . Pity .
  11. hey i would like to ask : how can you see/know the bottom part of your opponent’s instructions ? I am talking about counter attack , men behind ball , tight marking etc.
  12. You get double player value for him apparently when he retires
  13. He has been a goalie for teams in 3rd Spanish division , but never got much chance at Athletic Bilbao B apparently . In 2016 he went to CD Numancia in 2nd Spanish division (where he became pro) . Only in 2018 he got the chance to go to 1st Spanish division when UD Levante bought him for 1M . So this is only his second year on the highest level . He is only a professional since 2016 when he was around 25 years old . Not everyone has the chance/opportunity/goal to enter a youth academy for a big club , surely . Previous season he played only 16 matches . So this is actually his first full season as a pro on the highest level and the numbers show he is doing superbly . I took some info from an interview he gave in april : https://www.hosoccer.com/en/aitor-fernandez-interview/
  14. An even more interesting as well as recent report regarding AITOR is this one : https://totalfootballanalysis.com/player-analysis/aitor-fernandez-201920-scout-report-tactical-analysis-tactics It is very well written . PSxG+/- at this point in time (report is from 25/6) sais that he saved 12.5 more goals than he should have . Best in all top 5 leagues ... Even more impressive is it , knowing that he also faced some of the most difficult shots in all of Europe . There is also a comparison with Cillessen , because seemingly Valencia is interested in him . Seems he tops Cillessen in almost every way . Cillessen is 90 rated . I don't know how SW handles keeper ratings , but this is definately impressive to me and is deserving of a higher than 87 rating for sure even though he plays for a mediocre team .
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