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  1. Kulusevski position change today is incorrect , sadly . They change him from M(C),AM(RLC),F(RLC) to AM(RLC),F(RLC) . So taking away his M(C) position yet not giving him the M(R) position which he has started 13 matches in ! In his last 50 matches these are all the positions he played in (according to footballcritic) : Forward (Centre) 16 6.5 Midfielder (Right) 13 6.5 Forward (Right) 9 7.0 Attacking Midfielder (Right) 6 6.5 Attacking Midfielder (Centre) 3 6.8 Midfielder (Left) 1 7.1 Defensive Midfielder (Right) 1 6.0 Midfielder (Centre) 1 5.5
  2. It is now 1st of August and I still do not see anyones achievement points . Am I the only one ? Do other people see the achievement points ?
  3. Renew his contract to any length and his new waves reflect his current rating .
  4. Kerem AKTÜRKOĞLU got a rise today from 73 to 77 . Better late than never and better something than nothing ? 😛
  5. Akturkoglu , Might get a rise in the next couple of days .
  6. I searched for some obvious Russian risers like Diveev and Maradishvili etc. , but none of them popping up in the current edits . hmmmm I hope this is not again a league that gets rushed through .
  7. To answer my own question Probably it will depend on injuries of their first team players (shaw,telles,wan-bissaka) , and if he goes out on loan or what club he will be sold to . Could end up getting minutes somewhere , sometime . But unsure as of now .
  8. Short to mid term in terms of soccermanager rating , how much potential does Diogo Dalot have ?
  9. Yes , I also find these price fluctuations annoying as they seem to make very little sense . There is no way to predict these value changes sadly . And in my opinion a managing game should be mostly about predicting/anticipating . This is yet another thing that can be classified as dice rolling . SM loves that strategy . Anyway , Kulusevski price is not inflated anymore and is now the regular price for his rating and age . So IF he would be available in some crazy gameworld ... Buyy .
  10. Value of kulusevski today dropped from 20M to 16M . If he would be available somehow , time to buy .
  11. yes they have 2 excuses though : 1- random risers 2- busy working on the next Romania review
  12. Tammy Abraham has not played many games after he recovered from his last injury . Are there signs he will play more next season ?
  13. Will buy Konsa , and then buy Igor Diveev instead of Tuanzebe . Russian review right around the corner I hope .
  14. Thinking of selling 2 defenders , and buying 2 others . selling : -Balerdi (84) -Aguerd (86) buying : -ezri Konsa (88) -axel Tuanzebe (84) For me it is dangerous to keep Aguerd since he gets no playtime in my squad and he is 25 years old . I might buy him back at a later time right before he gets a rise . Ezro Konsa is higher rated and thus could be used for a cupgame some time . Tuanzebe could get a transfer to Villa . Both viable talents to invest in ? I know Balerdi just got a transfer to OM , where he seems to get decent gametime . So maybe Balerdi I sell and rebuy ?
  15. SWIKI REPORT (18/07/21) 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 Since it is Kieran's 30th birthday , SM clearly has no time to do anything else but celebrating . Only 2 pages of edits today . 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂 Some position changes , some loanclub changes , some club transfers , some players becoming free agents . Meanwhile in the game some romania league 2 players are getting absolutely slashed . catching rating changes of up to -15 . Cheers (NOT) Kieran 😊
  16. Let me quote you on that . I marked it in red for you . So now you too are amongst the people that read what they want to read .. just like I said before . You accused me of something which is for everyone to be seen . It sais and I literally quote again "For example, in a league with 38 games (38 Turns)" . It is a non existing , fictive example as I explained in my previous post . You are clearly in denial .
  17. Another thing I have read before is that managers complain about a player getting a concern even though he is injured . Well , in some cases this is possible . For example : sub any 90 or above player (who needs to play 65% or more) on in the first turn and let's assume he immediately picks up a 6 week injury in that very first match . On the 12th turn he will have developed a concern even though he is injured ! Because he only played in 0.5 turn which is 50% of turns (0.5 of total 1) over the first 12 turn period (only first turn counts because he was injured after that in the next 11) , while he needs 65%+ total . If he would have started instead , then he would have played 100% of available turns and not develop concern .
  18. In the example they say "For example, in a league with 38 games (38 Turns)" . they are talking about a (non existing) gameworld with 38 games and 38 turns . Meaning only in that fictive example 1 game = 1 turn . So it is an extremely bad example they give which throws off many people . This is NOT a normal gameworld in their example as even when you lose your first rounds of the cup games you would have 40 games and 38 turns . That's why I said before they should rewrite it , properly . Because many people now read what they want to read . From the manual regarding the 75% : "Players rated 92 or higher expect to play in approximately 75% of the number of Turns" TURNSssss guys , turns . not games . a game where a player loses fitness CAN contribute to a played turn .
  19. well , there have come so many before you on the forum regarding concerned players . Managers who keep track of their players stats and still end up with concerns . Yet they never seem to want to listen and stick to their own ideas of how the concerns work ? using excel does not help when someone inputs the wrong numbers . TURNS do not equal games played . any game where a player loses fitness CAN be a game where he earns a point towards the playpercentage that player needs .this is to say that the smfa games dont count . Playpercentage of 80% in a normal gameworld means he expects to play in 80% of the 38 turns and 80% of 38 is 30.4 . A player cant play .4 turns so this means he either needs to play in 30.5 turns , or to be safe 31 turns . now regarding playing cup and leage in 1 turn , it is only so you can play more players , instead of playing a player twice (unless you sub him on twice which means he played a full turn too) . Doing so (playing a player twice) will only mean he played 1 TURN . Cards and injuries do not count towards a turn that can be played . Not sure what the game thinks about a player who is not match fit since the manual does not say anything about this , but i would think that being not match fit still counts towards a missed turn .
  20. It is 80% turns , which is not equal to games . Example : playing one as a starter in a cupgame on tuesday and as a starter in a league game on thursday means he has played 2 full games , but he has played in 1 turn only . smfa matches dont count as players dont lose fitness , so the statistics on players are not something you should go by (squad statistics view counts smfa games too) however I must say that the manual is very unclear in many different aspects of the concerns . They should definately rewrite it . given how many bugreports they get from people who are not able to manage their players concerns , i do not understand why they have not yet rewritten the concerns part of the manual to make things more clear .
  21. Is there still anything to be gained (financially) from buying retiring players ?
  22. 64 pages ? I would just say with a straight face : nothing to report . 💨 💨 💨 hahahaha ! 😇
  23. Not sure why I wrote tonali there , as it is nuno tavares who is moving to Arsenal . I checked and Tonali is in the edits , but under AC Milan tag . Will edit my post BTW Enock MWEPU moving from Salzburg to Brighton (also in the edits) . He already got his +3 to 86 in May 2021 though .
  24. I tried 4231B last few seasons and my team always underperformed . So I am looking at another tactic . Preferably pressing all over and defensive . In a 4231B all 4 in the backline get mostly 6 , sometimes 7 ratings . With 343 they get mostly 7 sometimes 8 . It looks like an improvement . Overall the ratings of my players currently are very good every match . So I might just be having crazy bad luck losing 4 out of 5 games ?
  25. I am currently playing 3-4-3 with defensive mentality . arrows backwards on all players except my 3 attackers . tried to tick Men behind ball , and now switched it to tight marking . Eating goals like crazy . 13 goals against in 5 matches , while I am one of the top teams ... My players all scoring 7 or higher in most matches . yet lost 4 of out 5 matches .
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