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  1. Real Madrid done and no increase for Carvajal.. So he stays the same I guess..
  2. Rashford's price decreased by 4, Martinez's by 8.. so no increase in rating?
  3. Got Bruno Fernandes and Adama Traore offered for my Halaand... Should I accept?
  4. The last game was left in this league and I was second... What does this mean?
  5. Anyone can join 410608, a very friendly GW with quality players still available.
  6. This asshole player ruined the league... this is the 1st season and he created a team of this value.. managed multiple other teams and bought himself all the best players... I hate this about SM... they do not act on these.🤬
  7. Would have loved him at United... Plays multiple positions... Not that kind of positions..😅
  8. Can buy only one... Positions doesn't matter.. Just who will be the best?
  9. Is Morgan Sanson a good enough player to buy? Will he increase?
  10. Any of these going to have a fall in value or rating in the near future?
  11. Can buy only one... Who should I go for? Badiashile is linked with United. And any u-22 player under 5 million who can rise in the near future?
  12. Thanks man.. Love DDG.. so was ecstatic when someone offered me such a deal..
  13. Got De Gea offered for my Onana... In a biiiig dilemma... Should I accept?
  14. Any opinion on who is going to get a rise?
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