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  1. Yes that is why I am in a dilemma, will the 2 points gap be ever overcome by Neves who looks to be at Wolves for the future?
  2. Neves or Son? Who is the best Bet to build a team with?
  3. This has become very spicy... It will be immense to win with Juve!!
  4. Is there any chance of Axel Witsel getting a fall in the near future? Or his 92 is safe for some time?
  5. Can someone explain this to me?? How can my team lose?? Was Lev Yashin in their goal or my players became Sterling!!!
  6. Yeah... and how about a FPL for us.. I can create one and share the code... if everyone is interested.
  7. Should I accept Ruben Dias and Ruben Neves for Arthur? Arthur moved and win league titles..so which one/?
  8. I do not know how these guys give the Man Of The Match... Only the name matters for them it seems...
  9. Yes he could have used the subs early.... but haven't we seen before what happens when Ole uses the subs? This 11 was the best he had... which obviously overplayed... People will hopefully now understand how important Shaw is... His defense, his positioning, his crossing, overlapping runs. This team has performed well and if we were told at the start of the season that we would be 3rd and lose in 3 semis.. We would have jumped at it... Now it is upto Ed, Bring in Sancho, De Beek, Badiashile MINIMUM!
  10. Have a very good squad, and lots of money in a competitive league.. Have these guys on loan.. What should I do with them
  11. Will it make a huge difference if I have a 87 rated GK instead of a 88?
  12. Will Kante get a -1? Has missed lots of games this season.
  13. Ndicka or Demiral? Who to buy? Need a LB under 8mil for backup to Cancelo. Is there anyone who I can get who will increase? Gosens is taken.
  14. Antonee Robinson's total of 85 successful dribbles was at least 22 more than any other Championship defender last season January: £10m move to Milan falls through August: On verge of £2m move to Sheffield United
  15. Real Madrid done and no increase for Carvajal.. So he stays the same I guess..
  16. Rashford's price decreased by 4, Martinez's by 8.. so no increase in rating?
  17. Got Bruno Fernandes and Adama Traore offered for my Halaand... Should I accept?
  18. The last game was left in this league and I was second... What does this mean?
  19. Anyone can join 410608, a very friendly GW with quality players still available.
  20. This asshole player ruined the league... this is the 1st season and he created a team of this value.. managed multiple other teams and bought himself all the best players... I hate this about SM... they do not act on these.🤬
  21. Would have loved him at United... Plays multiple positions... Not that kind of positions..😅
  22. Can buy only one... Positions doesn't matter.. Just who will be the best?
  23. Is Morgan Sanson a good enough player to buy? Will he increase?
  24. Any of these going to have a fall in value or rating in the near future?
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