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  1. Yes, I think the same. That's why I am not convinced, not even if he gives me 6 of these players. Thank you!
  2. Hi mates, how are you? I have been offered 5, maybe even 6 players out of these, in exchange of my Abdallah Sima and Isaac Lihadji. I am not fully convinced, but what would you do? 🤔 Bilal Benkhedim, Matchoi Djalo, Álex Collado, Daishawn Redan, Claudio Gomes, Evert Linthorst, Franco Orozco, Sam Lammers
  3. Oh yes, how to forget the future ballon d'or Braithwaite! Or the relentless Jaison Murillo, as well?! Well, in the end my friend Petkovic and I do have a chance. I'd better pack my bags and wait for the call to Catalonia!
  4. Mate, I have barely as much chance of signing for Barcelona as Petkovic does! (I should hold my tongue, since they signed K.P. Boateng a couple of seasons ago.) I saw Bruno Petkovic play for several season in the Italian Serie B - sometimes even live at the stadium - and he was far from impressive, which is why instead of going to Serie A he ended up going back to Croatia. Sure, he was younger, and he improved meanwhile, but I think his max level is not much more than what he is doing at the moment. As for the other one, I don't know, never seen him play.
  5. Haha sorry mate, I can never hold back a stupid joke! However I really think they are on the same level. Hard to choose, but I'd say Nsame, he has some pretty interesting numbers this season.
  6. He is a backup player, I have this team only with African players, so the options are limited.
  7. Hi mates, who would you buy for max cash? Mahrez or Aubameyang (Considering that Auba would cost me about 10M more, and I would have to sell Zambo Anguissa to raise money for him) Cheers
  8. Thank you mate, now my ideas are more confused!
  9. True, but it's a long way to get to 94 (which I think he can), and obstacles may arise along the way. Alaba, instead, already is 94. Hence I thought it was an obvious question. But thanks! PS: Upamecano is mine (but not a starter yet). Sorry, I'm out of reactions, so I can't properly thank you, but thank you!
  10. Hello everyone! Maybe this is a really obvious question, but which side would you choose? Upamecano or Alaba
  11. Wait a minute, now we all want to know that!
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