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  1. Hullo, my freends! In this time of random risers, waiting for a solid league review - any - makes me so crabbit that, aye, I started doing random stuff myself. For all the Scottish pals, pardon my blether, here is a wee prediction of some Celtic and Rangers risers. Lang may yer lum reek! Celtic: Ajer 85 to 87 +2 Jeremie Frimpong 80 to 82 +2 Greg Taylor 82 to 83 +1 Boli Bolingoli 83 to 84 +1 Rangers: Aribo 82 to 85 +3 Katic 82 to 83 +1 Ryan Kent 83 to 85 +2 Glen Kamara 82 to 84 +2 Edmundson 76 to 78 +2 Barker 7
  2. The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind...
  3. Hahaha you better talk your spreadsheet into reason! Also, a 91 cap for Benfica seems too high to me. True, there are a couple of 91 in the squad, but Vertonghen has just been signed and Pizzi at 91 is a better joke than Rabiot! I would keep the cap at 90.
  4. Hi Socca! I live in Portugal and I will be happy to add my contribution, if it is confirmed as the next league to be reviewed. Just one little note. Ferro has been strongly criticized by Benfica supporters, who blame him (among others) because they lost the title this year. I don't know how many minutes he played, but I think a +2 would be very unlikely, in terms of performance.
  5. Hi Thorgan! How are you? Long time I haven't been active on this thread. Since you follow closely the Belgian league, I would like to know your opinion about a few players. What do you think about Jhonny Lucas, Brazilian playing for Sint-Truidense, Ignace Van der Brempt, playing for Bruges, and Robbe Quirynen, playing for Antwerp? Are they worth buying, or not really? Sorry if you have already covered them. Cheers!
  6. Yes, I agree, if that is the case. That's why I asked if they were random or based on transfers. But what about Daka, Szoboszlai, Ceballos, etc? I do not know that they have changed teams lately.
  7. Most of the times you would buy players just for profit when they are quite low rated, otherwise there's no profit, even if they rise (considering the weekly wage). So, usually we are talking about players you wouldn't play anyway. However, you have a point. That's why I am a big fan of custom gameworlds with player concerns, poor economy and other settings to avoid stockpiling of high rated players.
  8. Hi mate. What's wrong with buying players for profit (in other words, scouting)?
  9. Hello, my friends! I have been out in the real world for a few days, and I have missed the discussion here on the forum. So, are we officially in the random risers era, as Socca announced some time ago, or are these reviews due to player transfers, and other stuff? Random risers would be very sad, and I would have to reconsider my participation both in the game and in the forum.
  10. Hi mates! Here is the last batch of my 2.Bundesliga predictions. Not many risers, but at least some of them look promising. I am not mentioning again the teams in the first three positions, since I got them covered already when I did my Bundesliga predictions. Hope you enjoyed. Cheers! Aue: Kruger 68 to 78 +10 Baumgart 76 to 78 +2 Strauss 75 to 77 +2 Hannover 96: Hubers 73 to 78 +5 Darmstadt: Paik Seung-ho 78 to 80 +2 Hamburg: Van Drongelen 82 to 83 +1 Bakery Jatta 77 to 82 +5 Vagnoman 77 to 80 +3
  11. Hello everybody! It is not the kind of message I usually post here, and I don't want it to be inopportune, so please ask me to remove it, if that is the case. I am managing a team in a quite competitive game world and the GW owner - which is a friend - asked me to look for new pals to join it. There is no age, squad or rating cap, but it is a medium-long term challenge since there are already well-established and very good managers over there. The community is very active, and managers like to deal with each other. We are looking for new managers who want to join and be positive members o
  12. Hi guys! It looks like it's gonna be 2.Bundesliga until the end, so here is another batch of predictions for this league. Again, they might not be so accurate, and not very interesting players, too, but I am doing it just for fun (ok, I admit I have a strange way of having fun!) Hope you enjoy, cheers! Regensburg: Okoroji 80 to 82 +2 Besuschkow 78 to 82 +4 Wekesser 75 to 77 +2 Weidinger 70 to 73 +3 Kiel: Phil Neumann 78 to 80 +2 Janni Serra 78 to 80 +2 Sandhausen: Fraisl 78 to 82 +4 Behrens 76 to 82 +6 Nauber
  13. Say things right. I predicted a 0 for him, not a 99. I won't change my mind even if he is the MOTM of all the matches he plays for the rest of his life.
  14. I don't know if 2. Bundesliga is actually going to be the next league, but just in case I started a little bit of predictions for it. I didn't find anything really interesting at the moment, but I only went through 3 teams in the lower table. If it is confirmed, I will continue with the rest of the teams. Notice that these predictions might not be so accurate. Cheers PS: Socca, I promise I didn't make up any name. Karlsruher: Dirk Carlson 75 to 78 +3 Kobald 75 new player Camoglu 73 new player Groiss 73 new player Kother 70 to 73 +3 St. P
  15. I am a little bit busy these days, and this prediction thing is becoming a second full-time job.. But I would like to, I will try to catch up before they finish the league!
  16. I feel that. It is the usual SM Krapi Kas reviews...
  17. Hate to say I told ya. Just kidding, I reckon he is a class player, but maybe his numbers weren't high enough for SM. I'm still struggling to figure out their logic, sometimes I think I'm getting it, but 5 minutes later I see it was all wrong... Almost all the players I mentioned in my Elche and Spezia prediction got a rise, but unfortunately I wasn't so accurate with numbers. DJ Buffonge and The Alamo were blatantly ignored, it's outrageous! But Socca will be happy at least his Krapi Kas got a +3! Elche: Oscar Gil 78 to 82 +4 yes Alamo 70 new player
  18. I don't understand what you mean. Alamo is great when you have to defend from a siege...
  19. Hahaha I laughed aloud when I read his name before! I'm not even sure he will be reviewed, but I HAD to write his name in the prediction, thank you for noticing! PS: still, he plays better music than DJ Rabiotge.
  20. Hello mates! We still don't know what league will come next, but I think that before it, SM will review the promoted sides in Spain and Italy that were unknown by then. If that is the case, here you can find a prediction of some sub-24 risers from these teams. The prediction is not for the full squads - only youngsters - and probably most of them will be overlooked anyway, since it looks like SM is in a rush and only cares for hyped-up players. Cheers! Elche: Oscar Gil 78 to 82 +4 Alamo 70 new player Spezia: Capradossi 82 to 83 +1 Salva Ferrer 76 to 8
  21. I know most of you guys predicted it, but I'm not so sure. I'd say it is 50/50. However, if players like Digne are rated 91, Henderson should be 95 at least. Hard to say anything, seeing how SM has handled reviews these days.
  22. Hi mates! Here is my last batch of Premier League predictions. Consistency and reliability haven't been SM main qualities for these last few days of review (nor at any other time in recent years), so this might look like a pointless effort. Still, at least it is a nice starting point for exchanging ideas! Cheers Chelsea: Kante 94 to 93 -1 Giroud 90 to 89 -1 Tammy Abraham 89 to 90 +1 Batshuayi 89 to 88 -1 Zouma 89 to 90 +1 Mount 88 to 90 +2 Reece James 85 to 87 +2 Tomori 87 to 88 +1 Gilmour 78 to 80 +2 Guehi 76 to 78
  23. Haha well done! It was precisely a +7 because apparently since 2014 it is his favourite number!
  24. Hi mates! I am going on with my EPL predictions, but I don't know if it's even worth, since SM is doing some astoninglishly arbitrary predictions (see Grealish, Digne, Richarlison, or a whole bunch of overlooked Brighton and Palace players). The Bayern update was a good one, but as usual they pick someone and 'forget' some other. Anyway, I will stop ranting, here are some numbers! Cheers! Sheffield Utd: Baldock 86 to 87 +1 Basham 86 to 87 +1 Henderson 87 to 88 +1 Egan 86 to 87 +1 Arsenal: David Luiz 91 to 98 +7 Saka 82 to 87 +5 Maitl
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