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  1. Potential Summer Rises? Opinions please. Rodri 93? Barella 92? Lozano 91? Tapsoba 90? McTominay 90? Calvert Lewin 91? Joao Felix 92?
  2. Unai Simon, Mike Maignan or Audero? Who has the highest potential ( not worried about current rating)
  3. Romagnoli +1? Personally think he should be up there with Laporte, Skirinar etc
  4. Best young goalkeepers in the world to buy on the game?
  5. What does it take for a 90 to rise 91, a 91 to rise 92 and so on and so on? From my time playing the game I've always felt to get to 91 you have to be in the top of your respective statistics i.e goals/assists/clean sheets. However there must be a point where trophies and team accomplishments create a 'rating ceiling' of how far a player can truly go? I.e you could be the top scorer in the league but finish 7th. Surely you would never rise however many goals you score or clean sheets you keep. Appreciate this may be a complicated/unanswerable question but I'm interested on everyone's thou
  6. Rank pls Lautaro Martinez, Joao Felix, Haaland, rafeal Leao, osimhen
  7. Rodri to 93? Ferran Torres 90? Hermoso 90? Canales 90?
  8. Food for thought....Ramos linked away for a big bucks PSG move which could see Militao and Varane partnership next season.
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