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  1. I have Kovacic in my GW. Slight chance for +2?
  2. Immobile has the most goals in the top 5 leagues. He'll get a +1. Barella not too sure, maybe Rahul and Kieran can explain? Doubt Ruiz will drop as hes performed consistently over the last few seasons. (Induvidually he hasn't declined)
  3. Whats the reason behind your prediction that Pickford will remain 90? Personally think he will -1
  4. I have Gollini and Unai Simon as my main Goalkeepers. I'm considering swapping Gollini for Juan Musso. Interested to see your guys take on this? I think they will both go 88 but think Musso is a better long term option? 14 Clean sheets in 38 matches vs Gollini who has 8 Clean sheets in 33. I think Gollini is lucky he's in a top form Atalanta Team...whilst Musso is a more crucial cog in the lesser team.
  5. Sutaldo rise? Getting some decent minutes for atalanta.
  6. Neves +1 If they get Europa/Champions League? Pulisic +1 if Chelsea get CL? Also any decent young fullbacks not in the media light at the moment?
  7. Considering Declan Rice got a +2 to 90 in a poor West Ham Team, i can't see why Grealish can't go 90 especially when he's linked to Manchester United
  8. Been offered Diallo (psg) and Pau Torres for Davinson Sanchez. IMO Sanchez hasn't been convincing at the back for Spurs this season...not sure if Mou can make him better. Diallo looks like he could rise to 90 next review and Pau Torres is linked to some big clubs (although what an awful performance against Barca)
  9. List of 89 rated CBs likely to turn 90 this review run?
  10. Been offered Rodri or Sule plus Neves or Rice. Would you take either combination or keep Bruno?
  11. If West Ham get relegated, what do we see for Rice? IMO raised to 90 too soon. If he stays in the championship we have to expect a decrease, otherwise do you guys see him moving to a prem club?
  12. Sidibe (Everton) to retain his 90 rating? Also, any rise for Ward-Prowse? Have him in a couple of GW but tempted to trade
  13. Fernandes - 92? He's been Uniteds MOTM almost every match and has created as many goals as games hes played.
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