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  1. Re: Help me! Which players should I offload??? So should i sell the rest? Anyone fancy telling me the ones I should definitely sell?? Cheers
  2. Re: Help me! Which players should I offload??? Cheers mate, repped!
  3. Hi guys, I have a load of players in my squad who I know nothing about! I know a lot of you guys know loads about which players will be big risers so I would appreciate it if you could tell me who to sell!!! ZEZINHO, Santos LM-LBLM/LB 19 80 £1.4M COLEMAN, Seamus RM-RBRM/RB 22 87 £4.6M M'VILA, Yohan RM-AMRM/AM 22 78 £660k DORAN, Aaron RM-WRM/Wing 19 77 £550k GARGANO, Wálter DM-CMDM/CM 26 89 £5.0M VICTOR, João DMDM 22 85 £3.1M KASAMI, Pajtim DM-CMDM/CM 18 82 £2.4M EASTMOND, Craig DMDM 20 78 £770k LUIS PEDRO, Martins DM-CBDM/CB 21 78 £680k NWANKWO, Obiora DM-CBDM/CB 19 77
  4. Hi guys I have offered wilshire and essou-ekotto for Suarez and it has been accepted, is this a good deal for me? I have mascherano and snejder in centre mid and I have adebayor and tevez up front. Quick replies appreciated as the deal has already been accepted! Cheers
  5. Re: Deal for Mata Thank you all very much! love it when everyone agrees, makes my decision easy!!!!
  6. Hey guys I have been offered Diego capel, Andre pierre Gignac and an unspecified amount of money for Mata. Opinions???
  7. Re: Utk's English League Prediction Lucas anyone? Surely deserves a rise after playing so many games and as a Liverpool fan watching most games I feel he has improved drastically. If he doesnt rise it is purely because everyone jumping on the "Lucas is s*1t" bandwagon. I dont think I have ever seen a player treated so badly by football fans for no reason.
  8. Hey guys I am just wondering if there is anyone out there who sees this lad play regularly? What do you think he wil go to in the next rating? And what do you think his rating limit is? Any help appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Re: Bizarre Items Owned by Michael Jackson. The ice cream is imagery used in this painting to represent his penis.
  10. Re: Hardest - "Henchest" Footballer In The UK Has to be Andre Bikey of Reading. He is not only hard, but an absolute nutter too! Scary combination!
  11. Re: Best premierleague goalkeeper of all time. DUDEK!!! What a hero that man is! Although for consistent brilliance it has the be Schmeichal (spelling)
  12. Re: Mata deal- Help? Kiko I dont know you mate, but why do you rate Molinaro so highly?!?!?!?!
  13. Hi guys I have been offered Molinaro and glen johnson for mata. I need full backs and am pretty confident johnson will be a huge success for liverpool. Only question is of Molinaro, I dont even know who he is, can anyone help with info on him? and whether this is a good deal or not? Cheers in advance!!!
  14. Re: Worst Dare i've ever done..... Haha this is hilarious with everyone arguing! Back on track though, my mate did a dump in the drawer of a teacher in my schools desk!!! Was quality but it totally stunk!
  15. Re: Worst Dare i've ever done..... I had to eat a coin!!!! A 1p to be precise!
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