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  1. Does anyone know what club brings in the most money in income like gate receipts/ TV Revenue/ Season Ticket Receipts/ Sponsor and Merchandise? or the top 5 or 10 clubs that get the most income from those things?
  2. yeah just means the less known clubs can never stay at the top in a game world like that because of the way the finances work, shouldn't go of what club you are should just be the same winnings for whatever placement u get and if your winning a lot your attendance should go up as like it would in the real world because your reputation would grow.
  3. they clearly need to rework that then cos how's that fair lol, 1st division should always get the most no matter what the team is
  4. Wondering how much clubs actually get by having the game world economy on very rich (prize money and what else it effects) and how can u get club revenue up (season tickets, sponsor, merch and TV revenue), And attendance higher to actually fill the stadium to compete with all the big clubs or is it not possible? example kaizer chiefs have a stadium capacity of 94,700 but only get an attendance of around 20,000, is it possible to get their attendance up to 90,000? Thanks
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