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  1. It's supposed to be random.
  2. Will the MLS have to go through SWiki first, or has it already gone through in bits here and there? Back in September I suggested that we might not see it until the third week of December, because that was when the season was due to end. At the time, this seemed pessimistic. Here we are in the last week of February though, and still no review.
  3. There's no way to tell how the value of individual players has risen and fallen, is there? I was going to sell Brandon Williams but decided to hold on for a while, and I think his value has dropped £2m. It's £4m now, and I'm almost sure it was £6m.
  4. Two thoughts on player concerns. I've been assuming that when they say cup games count, they mean cup games and shield games, because I didn't see any reason why they would include one but not the other. However, I've just spotted that if you list your squad, and select the Statistics view, the shield games are not included in the appearances stat, so I suspect shield games don't count for concerns. When they say cup games, I think they mean exactly that. If one of your goalkeepers gets a rating rise that puts him equal with your best keeper, and you alternate between t
  5. Blame the Democrats. It'll probably be China first. But yes, it would be nice to see the MLS reviewed soon. Is Arnau Tenas likely to rise from 73 any time soon? Barcelona B gk.
  6. @Lost soul If it's knockout matches they might be cuptied. If it's a bug, it isn't happening to me yet, as far as I know.
  7. This might just be hippy superstition, but if you are waiting for offers on transfer-listed players, I think it helps to make sure that none of them are in your matchday squad, even as unused subs, and I also think throwing somebody else on the list sometimes breaks the jam as well. It might have been coincidence though.
  8. Josh Reid and Josh Doig are identical twins.
  9. It used to be the case that you would automatically revert to the clubs you had before you bought Gold, and have no choice which to keep. I have no idea whether this was ever changed. If you have passed a milestone during the Gold membership (I don't even know what the milestones are, and was always taken by surprise when given the option to take a new club) I doubt that this will attach itself to one of your clubs, but I might be wrong. So if you have passed a milestone I suspect you would find yourself with the clubs you had before Gold and the option to start a new one. If you c
  10. Used substitutes get half an appearance; it doesn't matter when they come on. Starters get a whole appearance, whether they get subbed off or not.
  11. Willian José, the new Wolves player, is having to wait for a work permit and results from a covid test. I don't think he's even in the UK yet.
  12. Not much for Crystal Palace yesterday and nothing today. Is that likely to be it finished or do you think they'll come back to them? Also, offside goals ingame. They've always been in the text version, as far as I know, but I've only recently started to see offsides in the 2D version. I haven't switched offside trap on, so it's not that.
  13. Wolves have brought in Willian José on loan with an option to buy. Everybody says Raúl Jiménez will be back (including Jiménez himself) but after a fractured skull I still think there's a non-zero chance he won't return. If he comes back the same player he was then fair play to him.
  14. Lampard sacked. I didn't see that coming.
  15. It looks like they do it in Mexico too, sadly.
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