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  1. Czech Republic are being underrated imo. Pretty odd, given that it's blindingly obvious that they have a top-class striker, a very good defender, a decent keeper, and work hard for each other. They normally do well from set pieces too, but were dreadful with their corners against Scotland: so that, right there, is an area they are capable of improving straight away. They're about 80/1 generally. It's like the performance is being discounted because it's 'only' against Scotland.
  2. Own goals looking good for the golden boot.
  3. So much fuss about a one-on-one with the keeper.
  4. Must be a clever chap, whoever it was.
  5. No, but my log in is automatic. I haven't tried logging in with a different device.
  6. Tournament off to a great start.
  7. I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but it sounds like you might be playing Soccer Manager 2021, which is single player. If you want to play against other managers you have to play Soccer Manager Worlds, which is multiplayer. It's quite possible that I'm misunderstanding you though.
  8. Wolves have offered John Ruddy a new contract. It remains to be seen whether he'll sign though. Cash in on Joe Scally now (+3 today) or is he a genuine prospect?
  9. Tm's value for Raspadori has risen from £3.6m to £13.5m. He's £2.2m on SM.
  10. Yes, that's a bit more blatant. Mine were fairly old accounts. I don't recognise the name you give either.
  11. Something similar happened to me recently as well. Managers shouldn't be able to manage two clubs in a division of a gameworld in the same season, imo. At least it would make it slightly more difficult to do this sort of thing. It could just be a mate of your opponent, and therefore not cheating as such, but it's something that should be made more difficult to do.
  12. He might turn out to be the best Portuguese player Wolves ever had. He's had a string of rises already though, and I imagine SM will wait to see how he gets on in the Euros.
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