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  1. Ha! I don't have any reactions left, sadly, but
  2. The trouble is, it wouldn't be a compromise. It would be giving in to extortion, which is an entirely different thing. The only way to deal with this is to impose sanctions and wish them the best of luck with their league. The sooner they're gone, the better.
  3. Is there a bit of hypocrisy in the PL complaining, given that this is just one step further down a road they themselves set us off along?
  4. Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, PSG? I thought they were named yesterday as being against it? And don't the German clubs have 51% fan ownership?
  5. 15 founding clubs (who are the new 3?) and five invited. An invitation system would be odd, given that any team invited on for one season might have nowhere to play in season 2. Unless the five invited are there for good, but surely then they would be a founder member?
  6. Brazil has state competitions running alongside national competitions, and some clubs play in both. Carioca is the Rio de Janeiro State Championship.
  7. Looks like I picked a bad time to start managing Georgia. Edit: I'm okay so far. None of them were in my squad anyway.
  8. SM should reinstate the 'unavailable' setting. Shoving the player on the transfer list but asking £149million wouldn't work, would it? I think clubs can still bid the actual value of the player, so it's probably a daft idea, and in some gameworlds money no longer has any value anyway.
  9. Should I be selling Alex McCarthy of Southampton, or is he likely to rise again in the review in a few weeks from now?
  10. Position changes should be treated the same as players retiring, so that they all take place in the close season. At the very least there should be a warning before it happens. It's odd that the rating changes take nearly a week to get from wiki to game and the position changes a few hours, as that is kind of the reverse of what should be happening, imo. Edit: Okay, I've seen the flaw. Some position changes are additions. Even so, I think they might be better in the close season.
  11. Pedro Neto has surgery scheduled later this week and is unlikely to play again this season. Jonny also facing surgery later this week. Neves has tested positive for Covid.
  12. I wish I could delete this now. The profanity filter won't let me type the initial letters of the days in lower case as if they were a name. It sees swear words that aren't there and I just end up with four letters instead of seven.
  13. Absolute genius that Steve Bruce bloke. Edit: Riece beat me to it, pretty much. It's difficult having a negative manager though. You want to stay up, but you want the manager gone, generally.
  14. They're both stupid, but imo the Wolves one is the worst of the two. The Liverpool one, it does at least look like his shoulder is off. The Wolves one I still can't work out. Perhaps the closest player will always look further forward when they're level.
  15. Can those who are discordant please remind SM that MLS 2021 starts one week from today.
  16. Wolves even seem to be trying to move to the Portuguese strip now.
  17. Any thoughts please on when Manfred Ugalde might get a rise, and how much he might rise by?
  18. Ah, you do it as a draft. Okay. And yes, the rules do seem to have double negatives all over the place.
  19. I'm obviously missing something here, but if you can't buy from unmanaged and external, how do you build up your squad? Surely all that's left is the new players added to the database daily. Oh, and free agents, perhaps?
  20. Joe Bloggs comes on as sub in a league game on Saturday. On Monday, during the same Turn, he starts a cup match. How many appearances has Joe made during this Turn, according to the concern system? A 0.5 B 1 C 1.5 D Something else
  21. I don't think they do. Edit: I've changed my mind. They probably do.
  22. I think it happens at the end of every season but you maybe have to be playing the game at exactly the right time or you don't notice it.
  23. It's a bug. The date you are seeing is the date of your current season's start, instead of the relevant date for the next season. They're showing the variable before it's been updated or something like that. The date you are seeing is not eight months in the future, it's four months in the past, approximately speaking. If you refresh, it will probably correct itself. It's not the date of the first competitive match though, it's a few days before that.
  24. So was the Germany North Macedonia result genuine?
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