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  1. Otasowie's 73 at the moment, Socca. It'll be interesting to see if he and Theo Corbeanu get game time in the run in.
  2. I laughed at your comment about the MLS, but it seems that you were right. The wiki reports are very helpful to me. I tried to check them myself a few times but often I don't even know which leagues the clubs are in and get bogged down with it all. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  3. I'm sorry to hear you're unwell, Socca. Get well soon.
  4. Standard pitch in the seventies, that. The Baseball Ground used to have puddles when there'd been a drought for four weeks. Game's gone soft.
  5. Nothing from USA today in reviewed players. Is this a break or are they finished?
  6. I've got a right back in one of my third division teams with morale continuously at 78. I think he believes he should be playing at a higher level. Either that or one of the DCs is too friendly with his wife. Anyway, a bid came in for him and I came up with a master stroke. I rejected the bid and gave as the reason that he's a fans' favourite. I mean, that's bound to help his morale. No change whatsoever. Still 78.
  7. It's kind of a prisoner's dilemma situation, but with the added complication that somebody who didn't even bid yesterday turns up sometimes and gets the player. This happens to me often. Sometimes I'm the only bidder, and haven't raised my bid, and somebody comes in at the new price and gets the player. If you are the only bidder and you change the bid it resets the clock somehow and you have to wait a whole extra day to see if you've got him. I still do it sometimes though, just to protect my bid. Sometimes there are a few of us in for the player and the same thing happens. Some chap sashays in off the street and overbids us all at the last minute, making us look silly. I'm assuming you mean new players on the database though, because that's where I tend to see it happen. In which case, I don't think the bids have been accepted at this point, and I think anybody changing their offer once bids have been accepted would find themselves out as soon as they cancelled their original bid. I'm kind of okay with bids being changed, but I would be equally okay with SM delaying by 24 hours any transfer where the value has changed, just to give everyone a fair go at the new price, or if they simply stopped players from gaining value the day after they go on the db. I'll keep raising my bids most of the time anyway though, and I see it as defending my bid rather than trying to be underhand. Unless there's an agreement in the GW, of course. I've never played in a GW like that. What happens in those GWs when somebody who didn't bid originally comes in with a late higher bid?
  8. All of the clubs I took over were in the lowest division ( most still are ) and I rarely see any goals from corners, either by my side or the opposition. So I think maybe the rating of the player taking the corner does matter.
  9. I think you're right. Mine hasn't changed overnight. Pointing this out might make us very unpopular though.
  10. Interesting. I've made a note of my number and I'll check it tomorrow.
  11. There are a couple of Italian gameworlds about to begin. One (433788) is due to start 6.00 tonight and the other (433883) is due to start in a couple of days. Italian gws are good solid ones with three divisions of 20. Ah, but now I see that there is only one club taken in each. Well, if that isn't you, you should put your name down.
  12. Danny BATTH would probably qualify to play for India through his father, but they used to have a policy of only picking people who played in India, and Batth was unwilling to give up his career in England. I don't know whether this policy was ever dropped.
  13. I hadn't noticed it had started. That's good news.
  14. Los Angeles Galaxy have made an offer to My Club for Nick DEPUY of £83,300. lol
  15. April 2019. I can't see it in my list for last year, so perhaps it did need a decent review. It's pretty frustrating that the MLS has disappeared again though.
  16. If two or more clubs bid the same amount for a new player, they each have the same chance of getting the player so long as no club has bid more than they have, and it's purely down to chance which of the clubs the player goes to. That's how everybody says it works, and it does seem to be true, but I haven't seen the game code and don't remember seeing this explained in the help pages anywhere.
  17. I don't think you gain anything by it, but I almost always do watch. One thing that's very annoying is that it misses goals. You think you've got a hard-earned 2-2 draw but actually you've lost 3-2, and the goal you didn't get to see wasn't even the last goal scored. This stopped happening to me a few weeks ago, and I thought that they'd solved the bug, but I've recently had it happen several times. Edit: it isn't always 2-2 and 3-2, obviously. These ghost goals happen all over the place.
  18. The values on transfermarkt jump all over the place too. In my opinion it's right that the values of players should behave like this, and up to us to try to decide in time whether a player is overvalued or not. I got badly stung with Brandon Williams recently, when I felt that £6M was generous and wanted to sell, but didn't do so until my club got knocked out of the knockout competitions. When I finally listed him, the offer that came in was surprisingly low, and it turned out that SM had devalued him by £2M, just after I put him on the list. It's frustrating, but it's part of the game and should be so, in my opinion. I doubt that there's a hard and fast formula they use though.
  19. It's supposed to be random.
  20. Will the MLS have to go through SWiki first, or has it already gone through in bits here and there? Back in September I suggested that we might not see it until the third week of December, because that was when the season was due to end. At the time, this seemed pessimistic. Here we are in the last week of February though, and still no review.
  21. There's no way to tell how the value of individual players has risen and fallen, is there? I was going to sell Brandon Williams but decided to hold on for a while, and I think his value has dropped £2m. It's £4m now, and I'm almost sure it was £6m.
  22. Two thoughts on player concerns. I've been assuming that when they say cup games count, they mean cup games and shield games, because I didn't see any reason why they would include one but not the other. However, I've just spotted that if you list your squad, and select the Statistics view, the shield games are not included in the appearances stat, so I suspect shield games don't count for concerns. When they say cup games, I think they mean exactly that. If one of your goalkeepers gets a rating rise that puts him equal with your best keeper, and you alternate between the two from then on, you will probably find that the keeper who was originally your best will develop a particularly stubborn concern. It seems that he is still considered the sole number 1, and it's hard to make up the deficit because he's supposed to be playing almost all the matches anyway, so the concern will keep growing. Am I the only one who didn't know these two things? Edit: That's my sole number 1 in my avatar.
  23. Blame the Democrats. It'll probably be China first. But yes, it would be nice to see the MLS reviewed soon. Is Arnau Tenas likely to rise from 73 any time soon? Barcelona B gk.
  24. @Lost soul If it's knockout matches they might be cuptied. If it's a bug, it isn't happening to me yet, as far as I know.
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