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  1. This might just be hippy superstition, but if you are waiting for offers on transfer-listed players, I think it helps to make sure that none of them are in your matchday squad, even as unused subs, and I also think throwing somebody else on the list sometimes breaks the jam as well. It might have been coincidence though.
  2. Josh Reid and Josh Doig are identical twins.
  3. It used to be the case that you would automatically revert to the clubs you had before you bought Gold, and have no choice which to keep. I have no idea whether this was ever changed. If you have passed a milestone during the Gold membership (I don't even know what the milestones are, and was always taken by surprise when given the option to take a new club) I doubt that this will attach itself to one of your clubs, but I might be wrong. So if you have passed a milestone I suspect you would find yourself with the clubs you had before Gold and the option to start a new one. If you can remember how many clubs you had, you might be able to pick your favourite ones and dump the others before it runs out. I have no idea whether this would backfire or not. You might end up with none of them. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Edit: If any of your favourites are in Gold gameworlds, you will lose those whatever you do.
  4. Used substitutes get half an appearance; it doesn't matter when they come on. Starters get a whole appearance, whether they get subbed off or not.
  5. Willian José, the new Wolves player, is having to wait for a work permit and results from a covid test. I don't think he's even in the UK yet.
  6. Not much for Crystal Palace yesterday and nothing today. Is that likely to be it finished or do you think they'll come back to them? Also, offside goals ingame. They've always been in the text version, as far as I know, but I've only recently started to see offsides in the 2D version. I haven't switched offside trap on, so it's not that.
  7. Wolves have brought in Willian José on loan with an option to buy. Everybody says Raúl Jiménez will be back (including Jiménez himself) but after a fractured skull I still think there's a non-zero chance he won't return. If he comes back the same player he was then fair play to him.
  8. Lampard sacked. I didn't see that coming.
  9. It looks like they do it in Mexico too, sadly.
  10. Fabio Silva's still young and might turn out to be a star, but he struggled to hold the ball even against Chorley and hasn't really grabbed his chance. His opportunities might be more limited in the near future, with the new signing and players coming back from injury. Edit: I've just noticed @Kieran_S91 agrees with you, so you're probably right.
  11. Wolves are also said to be in the running. Nuno knows the player as they were at Porto together, and Wolves clearly need new blood.
  12. I've used all my reactions, so thanks and awesome work.
  13. If a club wins a cup match, the total number of games each player has to play to avoid a concern doesn't go up, but the number of games available for them to play in to reach the total does. So the cup games count in the games played, but not in the games needed. Unless the cup match is the final, obviously.
  14. Cup games count in the total games played, but not in the total games needed. The longer your cup runs last the easier it is to avoid concerns. The one thing I'm not sure about is if you play the cup game as well as the league game in a particular turn, does that count as 2 or 1. I think it counts as 2, but I'm not sure.
  15. Mine looks normal (on desktop). If you save and come out and go back in, is it still there?
  16. I only ever worry about the top 16 outfield players, as long as nobody else is 89 or above. In your case I wouldn't feel I needed to play anybody below 87, because nobody below that should expect to be on the bench. In practice though they do tend to get an odd appearance here or there because of injuries and suspensions, and it's possible that I've just been lucky.
  17. I'm very disappointed that Biden hasn't yet spoken out about the need for an MLS review.
  18. I'm on desktop. I've only started to notice it recently.
  19. The rise & concern thing is all that bothers me at the moment as well. Some of the odd things that get reported here would be annoying if they happened to me, but so far they have not. I don't understand the question though. Does the 20th outfield player have the same rating as the 16th outfield player? If so, I try to get them all as close as possible but don't worry too much if they fall a little bit short. On another matter, I'm seeing phantom notifications recently, not on here, but ingame. There will be a number, but no new item of news. Or the number will be higher than it should be. Is anybody else seeing that too?
  20. Oh wow, he's not even kicking from hands. It's a goal kick. That's awesome.
  21. I've never paid enough attention to this, but if you sub at 45 both players are supposed to lose about 15% (with no substitution the player loses about 30%). Recovery is about 8%-9% per day, although there is a random element to it. So yes, it should be full recovery. I've never really checked it though.
  22. Morale is supposed to affect performance, but it's not clear how much it really does. It's certainly possible for players with quite low morale to sometimes win matches for your team. I think it perhaps increases the chances of them playing badly but doesn't necessarily mean that they will play badly in any given match. It's certainly less important than fitness.
  23. I don't know when SM last reviewed Japan, but it's clearly overdue.
  24. I got all excited and went to check the score. I've come right back.
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