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  1. Sir Rahul wrote a great post about goalkeepers a fortnight ago, responding to a question about which keepers in the high 80s were likely to rise. This is it: So based on his advice I'd take Szczesny.
  2. He's still mostly 5/10 for me, with most of the other matches 6/10.
  3. It does look that way, but I think they had a bit of a go at Ukraine in September/October when they were thrashing about all over the place, so it might not be a very extensive review.
  4. You might be forgetting to save the changes. You have to save the formation for each situation. Or at least, that's what I do. Substitutions is an area of the game that could be improved. It's awkward. Even now I sometimes have matches where my expected substitutions don't take place.
  5. Okay, it looks like I was wrong about MLS. The last four reviewed countries in my list are Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Serbia. I've been a bit busy on other stuff though. Have I missed any other leagues that got reviewed?
  6. lemontrees


    Of all the bug fixes this one should surely be top of the list, because it's absurd. Whenever I've lost a close game where I've had a lot of attacks I find myself hoping for one of these phantom goals, and in matches where I've scraped a point or won narrowly I'm half expecting to find the result's been taken away from me. Definitely needs sorting out.
  7. Yes, it was the little bursts of MLS in your Swiki updates, but from the sound of it I was getting carried away.
  8. MLS review to start tomorrow? It's got to be tomorrow or day after, I think.
  9. I can't see any way to do this on desktop. The date of birth doesn't come up anywhere that I can see, except on the individual players' profiles.
  10. Are you saying it would be a stupid move for his career IRL, or that it would be stupid to sell now (in SM) in case he does move IRL? Perhaps I'm overrating him, but I've got the idea from somewhere that he's a genuine prospect. It will be slightly frustrating if he's stuck with just the +1 for a whole year.
  11. I'm a bit disappointed at Kamaldeen SULEMANA only going +1. Now I'm hoping he moves in the next window. His SM value seems to have gone up by more than a million, but I don't want to sell.
  12. I've no idea what conclusions to draw, but it's interesting stuff even so. Mbappe was so good for France at young age that SM couldn't move his rating gradually up.
  13. I can see that squad limits make sense, especially in custom gameworlds where there is currently no way to enforce the cap that the creator perhaps wanted to set in the first place, but I'm a bit concerned about what is going to happen over all. Different people play the game in different ways, and some players play differently in different gameworlds. Managers who are using a strategy of about twenty-two players for the matchday and then a few risers to build transfer money will probably have lower squad size than managers who are signing long-term prospects with a view to watching them grow into the team, because in the latter case the manager isn't going to be selling players as much. I would be interested to know what squad size people think is reasonable.
  14. Polish review for at least another five days then, which is probably good news for a couple of my clubs. I'm grateful as always for the update. 30 pages must take a lot of sifting through.
  15. Good news about Polish review, that would be welcome. It all seems to be settling down a bit now.
  16. Zabarnyi still looks fairly cheap to me at £360k. You were certainly right though, he did get a random rise within the month - almost within a couple of hours in fact.
  17. I rarely use players less than 90% fit. I would use the 100% fit player here.
  18. Tonked by France but a close loss v Germany and a win over Spain. He's played 270 minutes at senior international in a week and those last two are nice results. Ukraine has just been reviewed though, I think, which is a shame.
  19. Spanish second tier was done recently, wasn't it? Would you say that's it for another 12 months or do you think they might go back to it shortly? They seem to be dipping in and out a bit and at the moment I'm not sure which leagues are completed and which not. They're certainly getting through a lot of leagues though, which was needed.
  20. There's an 18yo winger getting games for Forest too. His name is Alex Mighten, but I know nothing about him beyond the fact that he's getting on the pitch now.
  21. I hope he starts doing a bit better for me then. I've got him in a third division club and he's averaging below 6. Every keeper I sign struggles in this club though. Maybe it's something to do with the captains I choose. But the second-choice keeper is rated in the high 70s and he outperforms the keepers in their 80s that I keep signing. It's very annoying. Good article though, and thanks for the chance to vent.
  22. That's very interesting. It would certainly be a popular choice. Thank you, Socca, for all the work you put into this.
  23. Might Lilian Egloff be an interesting player? Just going from Transfermarkt, he's worked his way up through the youth teams at Stuttgart, and got a few minutes in 2.Bundesliga last season. He's supposed to be recovering from an injury about now. Transfermarkt raised their value for the player from £225k to £1.25m a few days ago. He's 18/73/£300k and an M,AM,F(C). Might be worth picking up in a competitive GW, but perhaps wait and see if he gets minutes before buying in less competitive ones, especially as the Bundesliga isn't due to be reviewed for a few months.
  24. It would be funny if the spam filter was blocking any post with 'SM' in it, because of its fetish meaning. Edit: Clearly not, as this got posted.
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