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  1. Ha! It was based around the idea that Wolves only buy Portuguese players so this new chap must be Portuguese. It really didn't work out well.
  2. I've got Australia down as late February/early March 2019, but I'm not sure it's right. There are no solid signs that a review is going to happen, but it would make sense as their league recently finished.
  3. German 3rd tier mainly. A few other odds and ends.
  4. Thanks for carrying this on, it's very useful. I suppose the transfer windows all close soon and they'll perhaps get more time for tidying up leagues they have missed. I still think Australia might be coming up as they finished recently. Hopefully they won't take too much time over it if it happens.
  5. I've got a sneaking suspicion that the next leagues to be reviewed in full will be Australia, China and the MLS, in each case when the leagues have finished. Apart from that we might see a lot of random stuff. After the MLS we might get the largest European leagues and we would be back on track. Covid has made a mess of all the timetables and I have a feeling that they won't want to review leagues that are active. Don't they usually want the league to be finished, or at least on a break?
  6. Skysports saying Edouard Mendy didn't train with Rennes yesterday, and is close to signing for Chelsea.
  7. I was hoping they'd had a clear-out but it seems they were just missing players through injuries. Still, whoscored.com give him a 7.5/10 rating for last night so it looks like he might get more chances to show what he can do.
  8. The contract negotiations probably broke down when he demanded 666 as his squad number.
  9. If SM wait for the MLS season to end we won't get the review until the third week of December at the earliest.
  10. I find your wiki reports useful. Obviously if you're bored with doing them, stop, but it's useful info and I'm always glad you've posted it.
  11. I don't have Bundesliga 2 anywhere in my records apart from this one that's happening now, but I took a break from the game between June and November last year. Okay, that's interesting. At least they are getting through the reviews with some gusto now, and I probably have a few young players from those leagues in my squads.
  12. It's difficult to say for sure, but the Championship review has been in January in 2019 and 2020 so you probably have a few months to wait. Edit: January 2020 but now I look at 2019 again it was sometime between January and March, but I'm not sure exactly when.
  13. Is there a possibility that they might carry on with Germany and go down to the third tier? There must be a fair few players from clubs that were in the top two German tiers when the gameworld started and those clubs would probably require reviewing at some stage. At least they are getting a move on with the reviews at the moment anyway.
  14. Some very high scores in your right hand column there.
  15. MGW probably needs to show whether he's fully over his back injury, and a season at Swansea should do that one way or the other. Certainly a talent. He was caught flouting covid guidelines by attending a party or nightclub or something which didn't go down too well. So maybe needs to sort his head out a bit too. It does look like a good loan move for him and Swansea.
  16. The quoting thing isn't very clear even on desktop. I'm just seeing it as a small indentation. It was much clearer when there was a box around the quoted text. I find the scrollbar slider difficult to locate sometimes, but that was also true before the update and might be a browser thing. I'm using Chromium.
  17. Ah, okay. In that case it does sound like a bug of some sort.
  18. You get that same notification if you had a player with a level 1 concern and it's now gone. Any change to the concerns triggers the message, so losing the concern altogether still triggers the message. I'm guessing it's that.
  19. I like the line they've added showing where the unread posts start though.
  20. If your second-choice goalkeeper gets a rating rise up to the exact rating of your first-choice goalkeeper, how do you handle this? Do you alternate between the two? Otherwise you'll perhaps end up with one of them having concerns.
  21. https://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&aid=83 Then click on 'Lack of Games'
  22. I'm hoping they accidentally give the rise to the Watford one instead.
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