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  1. Yes, you're right: that link doesn't seem to work. I must admit I thought player concerns were always on in standard gameworlds, and that if they were off it must be a custom one. Perhaps I'm wrong. Either way, I think you would have to be the owner of the gameworld in order to make the change. Being a gold member would almost certainly not be enough. I agree with you that it's better to have them on anyway. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  2. I would usually go with the 87 but sub the 85 on for him at 60 minutes.
  3. I wondered whether they were going to do Spain and Italy together when that happened, but then it was just the one club.
  4. One just happened back in March (which isn't as long ago as it seems). So yes, probably when Sir Rahul said.
  5. Yes, this is very true. I can't see any reason why that isn't shown.
  6. I only managed to sign two of them, but it was two from the top four, so I'm happy.
  7. Channel 4's weird clips before programmes - I think they call them 'idents' - never cease to amuse me. The football one, in the youtube clip below, is particularly fine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGcMUMIxTpc Edit: how do you put youtube clips into posts on this site?
  8. Slightly frustrating review today. More Mallorca but apart from that a lot of random stuff.
  9. It looks like you can do this but only between seasons. Click my above link and check out 'Change in Custom Game World Advanced Rules'
  10. I think he can. Suppose a player expected 8 matches in the first dozen turns, but you only gave him 5, and he therefore gained a concern. If he was injured for the whole of the next dozen turns, he would still have fewer matches than he expected and his concern would rise. He wouldn't be expecting to have played 16 games by now, because the injury would be taken into account, but he would still be expecting to have played the initial 8, and the concern would therefore rise. https://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&aid=83 under 'Injured Players'
  11. This 'MLS is Back' tournament is a bit strange. They've made it more difficult to finish the regular season by having this odd tournament right in the middle at a time of pandemic. Unless I've missed something.
  12. The last day of the Championship was wild.
  13. He hasn't done much since that raising Lazarus thing, to be fair.
  14. The squad limit is 252 according to this post: https://forum.soccermanager.com/topic/159203-rahul-ws-rating-predictions/page/960/?tab=comments#comment-3232974
  15. Mateusz Bogusz got about 20 minutes right at the very end of Leeds United's season. He also got a league cup game. Would you expect him to rise from his current 73 in the PL review, and if so by roughly how much?
  16. If you don't do anything about contracts yourself, your chairman will just offer a new contract when the current one expires at the start of the new season. I think these are always 1 year contracts. He'll also sometimes give a new contract if a player wants more money: I've never checked the length of contract he gives in this case. I think the thing about players not accepting big salary drops is fairly true to life, although it can be irksome when you take over a club with a small squad and no money.
  17. Please ring your manager chappy and ask him to slip Mateusz Bogusz on for at least the last 20 minutes. TIA.
  18. So is it Spain next? I see some Spanish club players have been edited on SW in the last couple of days. Spain then Italy, probably? I must say I'm pleased how quickly they are getting through Germany. I'm also pleased with today's splendid Baumgartner rise. 👍
  19. That's from this: http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&aid=83 (click on 'Transfer Request') Your chairman will probably sign a new goalkeeper at once or something. That's assuming they haven't changed the rules since that page was done.
  20. It started a couple of days ago, on the 12th. Stuttgart, Bielefeld, Paderborn, Dusseldorf, Bremen so far. Some of those clubs might not be finished yet.
  21. It's a strange and funny thing to happen. Presumably it would normalise over time as the big clubs get promoted back to the top. Odd way to calculate prize money though. 😃
  22. There are roughly five clubs yet to be done.
  23. This is one of my two favourite threads. 😉 I'm looking forward to reading your computations for whichever league is done next.
  24. MLS! MLS! MLS! MLS! Make America Reviewed Again. I don't think the MLS has been reviewed since March 2019. I'm particularly frustrated about Danny Leyva, who made his debut more than a year ago but who still has a rating of 60. Admittedly he hasn't played many matches. I suppose there are a few leagues that are overdue though, and it can't be easy for them to decide who to do next when any league could be shut down pretty much without notice given the pandy.
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