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  1. Yes definitely Depends who’s available Keep Daka Same as RhysMorgan. Casemiro or Barella depending I would certainly yeah. Seen nothing overly exciting about Garcia and other two much younger and could go either way. Meslier great too Neither. Though the first is slightly more tempting. Wouldn’t even do Foden for Bruno… especially when you’ve got Ronaldo to tide you over rating wise till Foden hits the bigger ratings.
  2. The game is actually available on Free Sports (64 on FreeView and available on most TV services). I'm in the process of waiting for a COVID test to come back, so I might just watch it 😂
  3. Gnabry's rating is a poduct of individual and club success tho, which anyone who's played SM know plays a major factor. Plus, he was outstanding. 12 goals and 10 assists in 26 starts in the Bundesliga (Bayern won it), 9 goals and 2 assists in 9 CL starts (Bayern won it) and 2 goals 1 assist in 4 starts in the Pokal (Bayern won it)... Rightly or wrongly club and country achievements play a huge factor (especially CL and international tournaments), so an isolated event like Gnabry winning all 3 available trophies with his club isn't really comparable. Even if we do, he played a key role in winning all three trophies.
  4. Yep 3 less league starts and 4 less CL starts. In which Sancho contributed to a total of 25 goals and Haaland 47 goals...
  5. 1. Torres 70/30 +1 for me. 2. Really tough as can't really go wrong with any. In SM terms I think Upamecano is probably number 1 just because of Bayern. Then Bastoni, then Kounde. But could change quickly depending on transfers etc Reyna +1 is absolutely fine. Haaland top CL goalscorer. Sancho injured for parts of the season. Ideally Haaland 94, Sancho 93 but I don't think it's that problematic. Especially when he's on the verge of leaving and SM seem to bide their time in those situations
  6. I know it’s not the actual right place to ask but would appreciate a bit of advice. I’m playing a cup game, but have a few injuries so was planning on starting some of my first team. They’re all on 100% and I was going to bring 3 off at HT for another 3 first teamers. Are they likely to be fully fit for a game 2 days later (Monday to Wednesday). Thank you in advance
  7. Shaw, Zinchenko, Reguillon/Angelino - I wouldn't recommend keeping 4 LBs similar rating unless there are no concerns in your gameworld. Without a doubt playing at a mid 90s level haha, and has been doing for 3+ months. The fact he's a key player in the best side in the world, keeping Sterling, Jesus, Aguero, Torres etc out of the team speaks volumes. Deserves a huge boost but I expect 91. Keep both but as ever dependent on what's available - keep Neuhaus if you're only to keep 1 Olmo Depends on your squad depth. Unlikely that either of those two will ever reach 94, so if rating is the deciding factor even relatively long term I'd say Varane. Take care of yourself Milanista! Always here if you need a chat mate Veron for me DCL, Aouar, Tierney. Tierney would be higher but injuries dicate that he never seems to get a long run in which will no doubt harm him peak rating. Mbappe
  8. Sorry didn't see this had been answered And there's a simple explanation. McTominay plays CB, Kane categorically does not play attacking midfield, and Ramos categorically does not play RB? Like Rahul says it's somewhat suspect the argument whether he should perform on SM in a back 2 when in reality that's not something he does but then that point can be argued about any CBs currently playing in a back 3 in real life? Players being over-versatile is unnecessary, people cannot genuinely believe Ramos should retain his RB positioning? I can say with some degree of certainty he will never play there again
  9. He plays CB regularly for Scotland
  10. Genuinely Mbappe. Struggle to see Son or Kimmich go past their current ratings. Mbappe can go to anything and is probably already close to a 96. One thing I've learned through SM is the step-up in consistency from top end players (Messi / Ronaldo) is pretty much priceless. If your squad has a decent level of depth do not sell Mbappe, especially if it's a long term GW. Those players are the difference makers Hope you're okay Socca!
  11. Looks like CIES Football Observatory. No idea what algorithms they use but they’re a bit mental
  12. Yes mate, and he's really good from dead-ball situations. I never seemed to score from free-kicks. I kept track last season and had 6/7 goals all comps, this year Trent got 15 in all comps (all free-kicks) which I'm very happy with. But I suppose it could be pure chance and I've just caught it at a time it makes it look better haha. Either way I won the league and very happy with his return.
  13. Just to let everyone know I think there definitely is a difference. I previously as you said had my highest rated attacked on free-kicks. Last season I decided to change (on the advice of someone in here, thought unfortunately can't quite remember who) but thanks to whoever it was as it's paid dividends for me. Trent plays RB for me and obviously plays most games but every goal he’s scored has been directly from a free-kick.
  14. Rashford or Gnabry, what's everyone think?
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