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  1. Sule for sure Nkunku for me but that one's quite tight Obviously depends who's available but I would consider now yeah. Was very important for City 17/18 and 18/19 but seems to be playing less and less The duo purely for depth but if you don't need that then de Vrij Potentially yes, this year huge for both those players and both top class - depends how impornt cash is too No unless you desperately need a LB
  2. I struggle to believe that people genuinely feel that Neymar should drop. Top 5 player in the world and even if people disagree, he's very easily top 10. Ridiculous goal contributions / 90 in every competition. If him being injured is a problem maybe he should receive a bit more protection from referees. Fouled 31 times in the CL, second most being 22, very easy to say he dives / overreacts when tackled, but people fail to mention he's constantly targetted I prefer Ousmane. Supreme talent and if Messi should leave, with Dembele back in training it's his time to shine. I understand he'
  3. Take the duo and run as fast as Alphonso Davies. Robbing them blind imo
  4. I think I more than less agree even though Felix is way too low I'd go more 94+ end, I think Haaland is top just because he will score so many goals through his career, Thank you! Haha it is tough! I think that's very close to being it tho, obviously career progression, clubs they end up at and a number of factors make it near impossible. Think Felix will shock a lot of people tho almost seems to have been written off a little because of this season. Thank you!
  5. Just more curious than anything but should help too. Rank (long term potential rating); Havertz Haaland Sancho Felix. Thanks in advance just curious to know what people think and what people think they may achieve rating wise? Obviously not easy
  6. Always depends on the schedule for me, if your next game is bigger I would either rest him, bring him on if losing / drawing or start him and bring him off to allow him to recover. If both games are important I tend to do multiple sub options. 60th min winning by 2 and winning by 3 or more bring him off then he should be fine for next game too No chance, he should get 92 even with how City ended the season and is one of the best long term CDM options, that being said it always depends who else is available? Richarlison easily, high level attackers always end up being the differ
  7. Obviously very, very difficult but going off pure instinct, where I see them now, club and age etc. Didn't work unfortunately for Atalanta Adama fan boy here, but gotta be Adama for me, maybe more long term but I can see him at most top clubs in Europe offering something that literally no one else in football can.
  8. Pogba Gnabry, even though arguably Sane's ceiling is higher I just think Gnabry is a sure bet now and in the near future (can hit 93 very soon, compared to Sane recovering from a serious injury and new club. Dybala Realistically he's unlikely to get 90 and certainly not for a long time, he's only 2 years younger than Robertson a top 3 LB in the world, will surely struggle to rise consistenlty as a bit part player. I've seen him 4 times and were all 4 this season in the Europa League against Arsenal then Wolves, he's looked really strong and very good going forward, he w
  9. I'd say Carlos for sure. Likely to get a move and likely to be guarenteed gametime where he goes. Matip likely to be phased out of Liverpool 3rd choice to VVD/Gomez - and that's assuming Liverpool don't make a signing. Buendia for me, long term and short team I'd still go for him. Buendia > Sessegnon >>>> Minamino. Just don't see Minamino getting minutes, Jones already in the squad and Klopp made his intentions for Elliot very clear, expect him tobe integrated relatively soon. Sessegnon been frozen out a little too and it's an important year for him. Buendia likely to be
  10. Rank de Ligt, Kimmich and Varane. Positions irrelevant, thank you in advance!
  11. Not rating related but just a quick quesiton. Do people buy into using their 'in form' players in big games over choosing the highest rating or vice-versa. I've got a few slgihtly lesser rated players (only 2/3 ratings less) currently performing really well, but got Kane coming from injury just in time for a big game. What does everyone recommend? Thank you in advance!
  12. If you can get Bruno from Tammy alone, I'm gonna need some advice on negotiating
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