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  1. Rashford or Gnabry, what's everyone think?
  2. Only Dias outfield with more minutes in the Prem for City. Pep loves him and he's certainly part of his plans - I think he can go past 93 tbh and get 93 come the end of the season. Long term: Demiral; Romero, Ibanez. If it's a choice of 1 Demiral easily takes it - Juve ancient CBs and him and de Ligt are outstanding together. I prefer Rice long term to Henderson, Neves and Hjobjerg. Has the CB positioning at the moment too so very useful. I'd certainly get him - probably for Henderson, ageing and SM don't seem to want to give him a 93 haha Buy certainly - but what else
  3. Maddison may have been out for too long for get +1 this time but he deserves it. Llorente +2 is probably achievable based on current reviews. He's key to a side that are likely to win LaLiga so why not. Maddison. Can't go wrong with either Richarlison. Long term he'll end up at a bigger club and Pulisic is a constant injury concern so likely to struggle to get above 92 Odegaard. Just needs to leave Real and he'll be fine Smith-Rowe In terms of long term SM rating; Rashford, Jesus, Werner, Martinez. Rashford definitely first, other 3 very tough
  4. Kimpembe, Mendy, Theo, Tierney, Klostmann (Potential wise) - but Klostermann is very versatile LB/RB/CB Long term I'll say Jesus, versatile too Sule Zakaria, Laimer, Ziellinski Kimpembe, Upa, Romagnoli, Gomez Completely depends on the type of gameworld. If there's a lot of top young players maybe take the duo and cash. But they issue is a player like Mbappe who can probably hit 97+ are essentially irreplaceable Duo long term. Depends how vital Wij is for your team
  5. Infogol app. Got one of the best xG mechanisms and it's free. Does all top 5 leagues along with Dutch Eredivisie, Portugese Premiera Liga, Championship etc. The app isn't too sophisticated but it's still really good
  6. Aouar for me. Odegaard high ceiling but not sure I see a direct route to consistent playing time for Madrid The duo. However, only 5 attackers under 28 at 95+. Like gold dust and they are the difference makers, so if your depth is there, keep Mane Give up Romagnoli. Kimpembe most underrated CB in world football. Now involved in the French national side, featured in their two last competitive games Sterling for me. Unless you're desperate for depth. Even then probably Sterling Makueke Madueke Let go of Lenglet. Extremeley overrated
  7. Thank you both so much! I really appreciate it, I too have been fortunate enough to sotckpile talents and build a top team, predominantly down to the help of @Sir Rahul and @Soccahappy in the past so thanks again. (And now @Kieran_S91 too). Really grateful I will try and and feed back!
  8. I've got a question that's probably not ideal for this particular forum but I'm losing the plot haha. I have a team that has dominated the league before and is the best team in the league. I continue to dominate teams but drop way too many points, mainly drawing games. The stats are painfully in my favour but I just don't get the results. Out of curiosity for anyone who has a team in my sort of situation, what formation / tactics do you tend to use? I know you (@Soccahappy ) have a dominant team in one of your game worlds, maybe you can give me a bit of advice, I would really apprec
  9. Does anyone else think that the reviews will be slightly toned down because there's been less games played than would usually be the case? Only around 65% of the league games have been played that would have been played in a normal season. To be honest I wouldn't have minded if they chose to bide their time and review into January/February.
  10. Yeah and he does dive which is a problem unfortunately most top players do. Yeah fortunate enough to have them both 😂 I certainly agree that Mbappe has been the best player in Ligue 1 this season though, just like last season, and the season before haha. Just needs a goal in the CL to get firing again
  11. Yeah maybe Mbappe should be (not on this seasons viewing) but he is a top 5 players in the world. And yeah, I kinda get the 'diving' aspect too but he is targetted. Other players showboat and are celebrated for it, he seems to be criticised. He is fouled more than any other player in world football, quite literally over 1 more time per game than other other player in last years UCL finals with a decent sample size. This is literally from tonight; protect players and if they still dive, criticise them. I would agree there. That's the only feasable argument. Howev
  12. I'm genuinely curious why you feel he should lose his 96? He was one of the best players in the Champions League that finished just over 3 months ago. 7 goal contributions (1 every 84 mins) compared to let's say Messi; 6 goal contributions (1 every 111 mins). PSG are having a poor season by their standards but are still well capable of qualifiyng from their CL group, as well as being top of Ligue 1. I think it's easy to slate him because he's Neymar but small dips in his form seem to be highlighted considerably more than any footballer alive haha.
  13. No the first deal is better for you! However if you can keep Bernardo and lose Firmino and McKennie I would do that. Yeah I would imagine 82-84. DCL will go up and I would certainly take him over Neres. Very tight and can't go wrong with either. Merino just Kane everyday of the week. Same age (few months younger even) and considerably better. Unfortunately yeah, hopefully he comes back well from his injury. Kimpembe, Dias, Ndidi, Militao. Kimpembe extremely underrated for me, established France first teamer and likely to start for the Euros, as w
  14. The two standouts for me are Sancho and Fati (though I’m not sure your friend would cooperate?) I’d certainly try and get one of those two then add one of either Grealish/Pavard/Richarlison/Vinicius. Based on current condition performances Grealish is an obvious shout just worry he needs to go to a top team to be able to hit 92+, whereas the Pavard/Vinicius can achieve those ratings at their current club and Richi to me just seems destined for a top club very soon. There’s a great deal of talent on the list to be fair, you can’t go wrong with someone like Odegaard or Bellingham
  15. If I'm going purely on ceiling, as in the absolute top level those players can reach it would be as above. My biggest take-away from people's answers and just general feelings within the forum is how underrated Felix is. In my opinion he will be Ballon d'Or level talent.
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