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  1. LOST IN TIME Episode 3 OUT NOW!!! ITS AIRING now guys, come watch NOW. Can i managed to get the team gelling together and can i get closer to getting myself back to 2020 or will i continue to be stuck in 2001/2002? https://youtu.be/E2p2CvFqA6I LOST IN TIME only at #TGRThatsGamingRobo #youtube #ChampionshipManager0102 #CM0102 #LostInTime #Episode3
  2. https://youtu.be/oh-MhFGaDmY TGR Thats Gsming Robo proudly presents #ChampionshipManager0102 Top 10 Left backs. A list of great, well performing Left Backs that has done me a load of good in the past. Remember to smash a like & share the video out to people who may of played this game before. #StaySafe & #SUBSCRIBE. TGR Thats Gaming Robo & #TGRThatsGamingRobo
  3. Hi Guys, Show some support by watching my 1st episode of Liverpool F.C. in my "Will i be a FLOPP or am i better than KLOPP" Remember to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you can see more content like this guys. STAY SAFE & SUBSCRIBE :) https://youtu.be/bM-IsGPpPSA
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