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  1. Re: Applying for a club? Can anybody confirm this?
  2. Re: Applying for a club? Thanks, I know for sure that the gameworld mananger has used one of our friends account and purposely applied and left the application there so nobody could bid for their players, can I report this?
  3. Re: Can it happen ? I think so but rarely, in one of my custom set ups their was an unmanaged Werder Bremen and they bought Moutinho from another unmanaged club.
  4. Hello, I have a question about applying for a club when the status is "private application" Somebody has applied for a club in a custom set up but the game world owner has gone on holiday for 2 weeks, will the application be automatically rejected over a period of time? Thanks, I only want to know because their is a player I want from one of the applied teams:P
  5. d_aan

    New CM?

    Re: New CM? First off' date=' thank you for the advice, yeah it's true all the top midfielders are at the biggest clubs and its impossible to buy them as nobody wants to sell, thats why i need to poach Roma's midfield! Again, thanks another good point, it's only really back up and I like to build on young talent as I already have Kwadwo Asamoah, Busquets and Rodwell, although I would like to know if Aquliani has a chance to rise, as last season Perrotta played far more games that him but Aquliani has been liked with Liverpool. I'm still open to more opinions.
  6. Hey guys i need your help please. I need to strengthen my midfield and my existing cm's are Gerrard, Masherano, Seedorf and Busquets. I play a 4-4-2 formation with Gerrard and Masherano starting with the other 2 as back up for cup/shield games. I have about 10million to buy a 90+ CM. The Roma manager has left so I am looking to buy a CM from their either: Alberto Aquliani-25y/0 90 rated- 8.7mill Perrotta-31y/o 92 rated-11.2million If anybody has any other suggestions for CM's I will appreciate it! Thank you for your help.
  7. hello, I have the chance to buy either one of them for my existing defence of Carragher, Skrtel and Agger, I have 26million so I can easily afford either one. Who has the higher chance of rising? Mexes is 1 rating lower than Juan but 3 years younger. Thanks, all help is appreciated.
  8. I have 2 clubs a Liverpool and a Real Madrid, the seasons have just finished and I was expecting at least 10mill from my chairman on both leagues to help strengthen my squad. On my LFC one I managed to come 5th in the league which I thought was a good achievement considering I was facing 95 rated Man utd's, Barca's, Madrid's etc Before I got prize money and season ticket money I had about 13mill, altogether I now have 26million. Some other managers such as Utd who won te league got about 30million for transfer budget, surely if this keeps on happening then it will be impossible to compete.
  9. Re: Actually Getting A Team Nowadays Personally I prefer the old way of getting a club instead of the new one. I think there should be a poll.
  10. Re: Benzema for Fabregas? Thanks for the advise guys, I accepted it but his chairman rejected it so I'll rebid but will put Benzema whose worth 29million and 11million for Fabregas?
  11. Hey everybody, I was wondering if this is a good deal, my Benzema for Arsenal's Fabregas in a straight swap, this will probably not go through as Fabregas's chairman is 40mill and Benzema's is about 24mill for my chairman, not sure about Arsenal's. I basically have Torres and Villa as my starting strikers, with Hulk and Benzema as back up, although Benzema could be dispensible for Fabregas as I've only got Gerrard, Masherano and Seedorf. I believe that Fabregas would strengthen my midfield. what are your opinions on this?
  12. I recieved an offer for 6million for Rafael(Man utd) but I counter offered for over double his chairmans, which was 14million, thinking that the Arsenal boss would reject my propsed offer. He accepted it, should I cancel it or should I let it go through I need the money for an overall better squad and i only paid 750k for him, I know Rafael is going to be a big player but I doubt I'll be playing soccermanager in the next 2-3 years.
  13. Hey i'm manchester united and I'm in need of a right back who can play centre back as well, this would be my starting right back in the league. I can buy Friedrich for players as hes at an external club for Neville and Tosic, but for Ujfalusi i would have to wait till i sell enough players to buy him. SO who is most liekly to keep their rating/ go down? thanks, dan.
  14. I have a fresh Man Utd team, I have 37 million to spend. I'm looking to bring in some CM's as Utd's men in the middle are pretty poor compared to the other top teams, thats why I plan to play a 4-3-3 formation. I can play Rooney and Ronaldo up front but should i use 32mill to buy Ribery so i have the perfect up front? I've put in a bid for Pannucci whose a utility man who can play anywhere across the back four. either starting RB or cover for LB. So who should i buy? heres the link to the squad, thanks http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1431034&clubid=
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