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  1. i have watched vermaelen in several of arsenals matches and after all the critisism he recieved when joing people saying hes too small and not suited to the EPL i have come to the conclusion that he is actually a very classy defender quick strong clever and makes up lost ground very well and challenges for any ball on or off the ground and i was thinking that with his current rating of 88 he has played with the quality and held his own along side world class defenders and cant help but think a rise of 90 or 90+ is on the books for the next rating changes for him i just wanted to know what al
  2. now that glen johnson has moved to liverpool and will get regular games (lack of compition) and has shown great athletisism down the right flank and gets regular games with england and will be in the england world cup squad for sure un-less he picks up an injuryshould rise vast amounts over the comming seasons but the next rating come around he should get a rise to 92 or 91
  3. with the new season almost here and the pre-season touraments in full flow i saw sessegnon playing for PSG in the emirates cup and thought that he was very impressive quick, fast feet, tricky, good vision and very incisive on either flank and thought to my self if he kept up these performances in the french league (which has poorer teams than what was in the emirates cup) that he could possibly get a 90+ rating especially as he could get games for his national side easily because hes beninese and i just want to know all of your thoughts on him.
  4. Re: Vanger Love yes i wanted to know if he would drop or rise as i am not able to watch the russian league in england
  5. i have seen vagner love play for his coutry and for club but only in europe against aston villa i thought his pace strength and tactical awearness were top class the sign of a quality player and seeing as though i dont watch the russian league at all and now that the russian changes are comming around i was wondering has he done enough for his club to warrent a rise or if his performances were poor and lacking quality and liable to get him a drop
  6. in my bayern munich team i currently have rensing asenjo miguel lucio demichelis van buyten pranjic schweinsteiger altintop ottl ze roberto van bommel guti borowski gourcuff baumjohann ribery klose olic toni gomez who should i sell and for how much and would appreciate it if could also recomend a replacement for them aswell thankyou:)
  7. walter for internacional turned up to the south american under 20's championship an un-known player and returned a star he has speed,strength, good strike and and great positional awearness like when he drops deeper in-field o help link play togeter plays for brazil i just wanted to know what you all think his next rating will be and what hernan perez of paraguay, who was the joint top scorer of the competition, would go up to?
  8. Re: nikola zigic yeah he's a massive ariel threat i saw a few games when he was at valencia and though that a lower level club would suite him as he would get much more match experience and i believe that he had a very generous offer to move to the premier league from fulham but turned it down but i think if the right offer comes along he will move to a good club in the premiership this summer and if he keeps up his recent run of form he could be in with a shout to a move to a team such as aston villa or everton?
  9. ive seen this guy play quite a few times he his huge a great target man and has currently scored 10 goals in 13 games and looks good to continue this form i just anted to know what you all think of this guy i thought a rise from 88 -> 89 would be fair for him?
  10. Re: Top ten players to own before rating changes personally i would have 1)davide santon- due to regular games with inter in league and CL 2)rafael- gets a few games with man united 3)insua- gets the odd appearance for liverpool and looks bright for the future 4)jack collison- established himself as the west ham first choice CM this season 5)ugur demirkol- seen countless reports on him and sounds like a fantastic talent to have set for a huge rise wen turky comes round:)
  11. Re: Risers? thanks for the replys and the advice keep the replys comming please and keep voting in the poll thanks
  12. i bought these players on the strength of my knowledge of the game and would like to know what you think of the following player and what you think they will rise to: joao moutinho rubens de la red ugur demirkol cillian sheridan sortis ninis fernando llorent vanden borre corriea adriano (of sevilla) caceres jack collison teemu pukki scott fox kingsley udoh thanks and look forward to seeing what you think:)
  13. Re: Lucas Barrios Riser? i didn't ask if he rose or not i wanted to know why he didn't rise and also he as it says in the thread he won the top flight goal scorer of 2008 which warrents a good move up to around the 90-92 ratings as he beat huntelaar to this award and yet he is rated at a 92 so why hasn't he rose any where near other great goal scorers of 2008?
  14. lucas barrios recently won wold goal scorer of the year as he struck 37 goals in 38 appearances for colo colo in chile and beat real madrids klaas-jan-huntelaar to the IFFHS's award for the world best top flight goals scorer of 2008 so what i want to know is why he didn't go up by much in the last chilian rating changes and if he likley to go up in the end of season rating changes i would love to hear what you have to say so please reply:)
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