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  1. Hello guys Do you know anything about the new SM update in September? I remember it would be there for the 15th anniversary... right?
  2. hello guys, martial and r. guerreiro for lukaku? what do you think? thanks
  3. Lindelof + mctominay for chilwell? Thanks guys
  4. What do you think about b.fernandes? Him or havertz?
  5. Hello guys What do you think about 4-4-2 C? Or 4-3-1-2 with arrow back for the centre MC (neves)? De gea W.bissaka maguire akanji guerreiro Neves Milner pogba B. Fernandes Martial werner Can you suggest team style? I d like to play with playmaker (neves)
  6. Hello guys werner or rashford? I play with 3-5-2 werner is a forward. Thanks
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