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  1. A young 92 rated DMC/MC is worth getting period. As a starter for City, buy him! you/Anthony just need to relax and settle in. Posting just for the sake of posting gets old.
  2. Defensive tactics when your team is weaker. Just like in real life, often the best defenders play in attacking systems.
  3. Friendlies have very random results. I had a team lose as many friendlies as games in the season. Much like SMFA cup games.
  4. If they’ll both start for you, the duo. Dias could go to 92 this summer. Personally I don’t mind trading off D as long as I can improve my attack with what I get back (the 23m).
  5. Guerreiro or Digne for me. Leaning to Digne.
  6. The two most populous provinces are Noord Holland (which includes Amsterdam) and Zuid Holland (which includes Rotterdam). People got used to calling Nederland Holland. Even the Dutch do it (they have songs supporting the national team using it). I’m originally from NH but I’ve heard that people not from these two provinces do not like Nederland to be called Holland. I can understand it and I do my best to avoid it.
  7. And the MLS is selling more. The last CBA made it easier and this new one should help it along too. I’m still surprised (at Cinci paying that much and him coming over) but it could work out fine in the long run.
  8. If it upgrades you D, I think I’d go for it. But if Oyar is productive for your team It would be more difficult.
  9. I had two games today where I edged it on the stats, had fine ratings but lost 0-3. The first one had my keep at a 4. The second a 6 but they scored on 3 of 3 SOG. Even weirder, the second game had my opponent play attacking-hard tackling-long ball-slow-all over pressing. That is a tactic that should not work. SM, you are funny sometimes.
  10. I’d go for Dias too. Lenglet has to played 4 full 90s in January so far.
  11. I’m needing a DMC/MC, and I’ve got 12m. Bennacer, McKennie, Douglas Luis, Dendoncker, or Locatelli?
  12. How Verratti has kept his 94 this long, I don’t get. Saul is great in SM. I play him in DMC, MC, and AML. Goretzka is okay in SM but plays great for Bayern so 94 is a possibility. Frenkie has upside and is younger, but until Barca gets their stuff together and retools that roster, he’s probably stuck at 92.
  13. As a Fioretina fan I was surprised this morning. My thoughts: Dragowski 88 is correct. Without his performances, Fiorentina would be in the relegation zone right now. He has been the MVP this season. Milenkovic 90 I guess. He has done well and with Pezzalla missing a lot of games, he’s been the one consistent defender. Amrabat 88. Should have been 87. 88 was his first half of the year rating. Castrovilli 89. Finished the season strong, started the season well, but has been wobbly lately. The others I agree with.
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