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  1. Chilwell and Tag are the only true DLs you list. Younger and 90 with more upside or older and cheaper and 91. if money is not a restriction, I’d go for Gim @92 and still a young DC, and Upa, very young DC and already 90 with a new contract.
  2. Especially if they do well on Wednesday.
  3. That it will be back up shortly. I have seen a few of my worlds with this message too.
  4. Lately SM seems to be ignoring complaints about illegal transfers. I’ve seen many a lob sided transfers made by “the gang” never be reversed.
  5. Even if he doesn’t rise for a while, he is one of the best available DMCs and fairly young. I’d buy him as my DMC over Casemiro or Kante at this point.
  6. All depends on you preferred formation and players that can play those positions.
  7. Equal bids have an equal chance to win. 4 max bids = 25% chance of winning.
  8. Even at 89, I’ve always been keen to buy Otto. Two footed and can play L and R. Should go to 90 like Hateboer.
  9. I have an offer for Eriksen of Brand + 14m. I know Eriksen is likely to drop to 93. Still BVB is stacked with attackers and I don’t think Brand was a always starts if available player (like Sancho and Haaland). Eriksen’s free kick ability is also very nice to have. I often buy Milan’s Cal. or Escudero just for their dead ball skills. I’m in Div 2 and promotion is the goal. I have Lukaku, Icardi, and L Mart, so scorers I have, providers I need to feed them. keep Eriksen?
  10. Vlasic from CSKA... good young player. Probably not rising until he moves? Or is their cap higher?
  11. It never mentions corners like it mentions free kicks. i pick a player known for taking their team’s corners (like TAA) or one who is listed on SM2020 as being good at corners. I’ve bought Escudero many times for his dead ball skills at low cost.
  12. SM sees all three as FCs in 4-3-3A. I’d say go for Haaland. By the time he’s 92, Dzeko can be put out to pasture.
  13. You have two great FCs (even if they are both over 30). Haaland is also a FC and at 90, will need to play. Do you play 4-3-3A or 4-3-3B?
  14. Lafont at 88 is over rated. Any chance that SM makes a -1 or -2 correction?
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