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  1. Hoi Jaybee, he’s a friend of mine. A committed player.
  2. I’ve not played in a world with transfer windows before. Would be cool.
  3. My Icardi for Jorginho + 31m in a VCW. I also have Lukaku, L Mart, and Ocampos. I had been playing with a 4-3-3A with Lukaku, Icardi, and Eriksen up front (I’ve since added Ocampos). Lots of good A-/B+ youth I can buy. Good idea?
  4. Castro has been a bit meh since the Covid restart. Not nearly as consistent. He can play a big role in the Viola midfield, but has poor outings at times. If he gets more consistent, Fiorentina’s results might hold him back. They just got a new coach prior to the break. Addition: okay, “a bit meh” is harsh. He’s had games where his play would have really helped the Viola, but he would fade from the match. Hopefully the new coach can get more from him.
  5. I’ve often wondered why there are not more worlds with poor economies (to keep managers from hoarding players) and with transfer windows to make transfers more exciting.
  6. I’m at 10 of 10 clubs, but depending on the format, I’m interested. The draft format would be something new. the start with 0 players and X money leagues are fun, if very chaotic at the start. I’m in 3 worlds that started like that. All of them had the “can not buy from unmanaged clubs” rule, and all of them lost well over 1/2 their managers by the beginning of the second season.
  7. DCL or Tammy? I need a backup up FC having just sold Schick in a moderate world.
  8. 4 from the USA and only 1 Dutchy... frig’n 2020!
  9. Plenty of random in SM. I played PSG today. They started a 74 rated keeper as DMC. He got a 4, and scored two goals. Mind you, the average rating on the field was around 91...
  10. I love buying Hakan. Just got him for one my teams, 2 FK goals in his first game. Best FK taker in the game imho.
  11. As an AZ fan, Clasie has not impressed me much. I loved his game back in his Feyenoord days. He is part of the midfield rotation now, but I think de Wit, Midtsjo, and Koopmeiners are the first choice for the starting 3 midfielders.
  12. It depends which concern. If it is a lack of games, loaning them out and getting games will usually help. Of course, if they are rated higher, they can get concerned about being loaned out.
  13. In a not very competitive world I have had 4 youth players, that were 80 or less, get concerned about game time. Loaned them out and in a season or two, their concerns went away.
  14. Thoughts on Solomon? Good investment?
  15. It will happen sooner than later i think. He is being talked about a lot and Bayern is (mostly) doing very well.
  16. I have had many games were the opposition’s keeper stood on his head and changed the outcome (or my keeper decides letting 1 of 1 or 2 of 2 in is okay). Today I was Twice “treated” to an opposition’s attacker having a 10 while the rest of their team was 6s and 7s. Not something I have often seen. ME changes?
  17. Has Mou finally updated his tactics to the times?
  18. Jozy is very injury prone, so he will play. Akinola is planned to be one of the main strikers for the U23 USMNT.
  19. First fixture was 1-1. So the next one will be 5-5? Frustrating to watch them throw away points.
  20. 4-3-3B on defensive with counter to steady the ship. 4-3-3A attacking vs weaker AI. My 2 cents.
  21. Yes. Lvl 5s don’t follow the normal 24 hours rule.
  22. In a way, it feels like we have something similar now, but we can’t see it. There is definitely a seasonal pattern to how some player perform. An AMC can have a 10/8 season followed by a 4/6 and not have a rating change. Their game to game performance rating will reflect this. But it feels like a 2 point swing, not a 5...
  23. It is a bidding game, bid away. I’ll even bid to see if I can snipe the player or get the other manager to increase their bid.
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