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  1. I’m taking a side alright. I have no issues with the positional adjustments. Most are very reasonable. Have mistakes been made? Of course there have been and always will be. If you had a back line of a bunch of DCs that could play L and R, then you were aware they were not really DRs and DLs. Adjust and move on with your life. It’s a GAME.
  2. I’m beginning to suspect that you lean towards dissatisfaction regarding the positional changes. No doubt a few more posts blaming Rahul will undo it all and put things back to how they were.
  3. Harroui and Veerman were two of the best MCs in the Eredivisie this season. Couldn’t even get a +1 to 85? Boscagli only a +1 (86)…. Very weird Juliper League and Eredivisie updates.
  4. Nederland consistently gave opposing teams too much space and time around the box. This game never felt like it would go to Ons Oranje. Czechia’s tactics completely handcuffed the Dutch. FdB… ugh. And then to sub Malen for Promes. Ugh. It was a nightmare of a game for us Oranje fans.
  5. Winner:Portugal 2nd place: France Dark horse: Denmark Top scorer: Ronaldo Best player: Bruno Best U-21 player: Mbappe
  6. Berna hasn’t impressed since he left Fiorentina.
  7. I’ve only been bitten a couple of times. If you pay attention to real soccer you will usually have players in positions that they really play.
  8. Brugge? Mechele 86 > 87 Mata 86 > 87 Lang 85 > 86/87 Vanaken 87 > 88 Dost 89 > 88
  9. Yes, you’ll have the regular game time concerns to worry about but the concerns about being loaned out will disappear. I have seen many players loose a level of one concern while gaining another.
  10. One glitch in loans is that when a player goes to 90, I recall them. Sometimes they will develop a “lack of games” concern a week or so after I recalled them. Even if I’ve given them minutes. So now I leave them to get “loaned out” concerned, knowing that will clear up next season.
  11. Another loan tip: there are two reasons to loan out a player 1- to lower your wage bill 2- to keep a player from developing lack of games concern. so loaning out tons of 70s while you have some low 80s you don’t use, does not make sense.
  12. The North American comparison would be if the 10 biggest teams in the NFL/NBA/NHL set up their own playoffs. Where they always get in and invite 6 other teams to join them.
  13. Soccer is stuck in a spiral. CL is where the money is at. The PL is the other place with money. So the big teams spend beyond their means to do well in the CL. Much like Championship clubs with PL aspirations. Then some big clubs don’t go as deep into the CL as their budget needs them to and there is debt. Now a rival team starts to spend more on new players. Maybe it is a new owner skirting FFP or whatever, but now the other big teams feel like they must spend more to keep up. More debt. In the end the unsustainable business practices of these big clubs mean that they need much more income. When they get more income (as they have gotten over the last 20 as their league and CL portions have gone up) they will just spend more. The pyramid system is broken. FIFA and EUFA and the big clubs get too much. Smaller clubs and smaller leagues are falling farther and farther behind in money, power, and leverage. But here is the key; we the fans pay for it all. Shirts, tickets, subscriptions, buying the goods they advertise, etc. We hold the most power, yet we are more marginalized than ever.
  14. Iirc, As soon as a keeper is 88, they need game time. They need more as they get better. If you’ve got Oblak and Henderson, you’ve got a problem. And rarely will your GM loan out 88 or higher keepers.
  15. If he started every available game once he was lvl 4, then that should be a bug. I would report it as such. If he was at lvl 4 for a while and was moved to starting every game later, then the lvl 5 is not abnormal.
  16. ST 1.1 GR 9.4 TV 7.3 Sponsor 3.7 Merchandise 1.2
  17. They need to update the offsides rule. The linesmen where terrible at getting it right but VAR does (by the rules). If you ask me, base it not on any part of the body that can be used to score but on the torso. Easier to see and gives attackers a bit more of the advantage.
  18. But I hear AZ is already been taken over. So that is that.
  19. So in going back and reading through the last few pages, the only thing that has happened is that Pop has gotten a 1 season transfer ban? Or has more happen in the actual world’s posts?
  20. Waiting on me for what? Since I left the world I stopped following this thread.
  21. Cup and Shield games count if the player plays them. SMFA club games only count if you are gold iirc.
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