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  1. Re: Waiting For Match Results Yeah ino but what makes me annoyed is they say 10:00 when its 40 mins after
  2. I'm talking about this today because i think its ridiculous how long it takes for some Match Results to come in because i get the results the day they come in and i'm having to wait a whole lot longer because it says every match will be in by 10 which is it just me and am i smelling something there because im having to wait til 23:49 maybe longer because i don't know if its come in yet for one result just to come in and i've just got one in 5 minutes ago i would like to see peoples views of it but the last thread i posted no-body replied:(.
  3. On this thread i am going to talk about World Championships and English Championships because 3 of each open everyday and new members get to have to best teams i don't think thats fair to be honest. I mean im a gold member with a reputation of 81 and i've been on soccermanager 41 weeks now because its goes up one every week and new members just get to join and get a good club straight its hard enough to get a good club for anybody anyway and SM have to make it harder by letting 40 reputation people get good teams it should be the other way round because other people have been on alot longer an
  4. Re: The Race To The EPL - EC3466 I'm Barnsley
  5. Re: Wayne Rooney Deal (96) Please Help. I Wouldn't Sell him for his age because he still can improve but theres Henry who's going to go up to 96 so its one of those maybe's and with that money i wouldn't buy any of them that you said you was going to if you solt Rooney
  6. Re: My Ribey deal wont go through yeah but if it was never managed in first place i made a game world like 3 days ago and i could do transfers with unmanaged clubs straight away and it let me
  7. Does anybody know if Totti is doing well for Roma has he got a chance of his rating going down because i bought him for my ManUnited Team and i might of wasted my Money
  8. Re: shoud i do this for 20 million ? yeah because you'll still have 30mil left
  9. Re: La Liga - Do You Follow A Team Yeah I Support Newcastle But I surport Barcelona and Every weekend i know there on tele so i started watching them this season and The way they play football is Fantastic
  10. Re: Man.U, Liverpool, Chelsea And Arsenal Rating Changes (that i think) Well Its My First Try Give me a little big of credit
  11. Re: Man.U, Liverpool, Chelsea And Arsenal Rating Changes (that i think) But Henry's Going Up To 96
  12. Re: Man.U, Liverpool, Chelsea And Arsenal Rating Changes (that i think)
  13. Re: Have Aston Villa Already lost 4th to Arsenal??? I'd Like To See Aston Villa Get Fourth Place for once to break up the big four but i can't see it happening now
  14. Re: Man.U, Liverpool, Chelsea And Arsenal Rating Changes (that i think) I mean when i put e.g 94>94/95 im saying he might get to 95 but more likely to be 94
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