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  1. I had a bug in a Gameworld where a player developed level 5 concerns out on loan. Next season was automatically transfer listed and an external team bid. I bid a bit higher but my bid was rejected and the players concern level was level 1 when I looked at the profile. Of course no bug was found when I reported it. 😕 Never seen it happen before in my years of playing.
  2. I completely agree. Same rating as Bruno Fernandez and Kante at 94 rating is living a charmed life! Maybe they'll go back and adjust a few ratings like they did with Barcelona and Bayern....
  3. So Bruno Fenandes and Henderson are the same rating. ?!
  4. Yeah this is frustrating. I had similar and had to keep reporting the transfers as illegal and try reporting dupe managers. Even did some back ground work to see if they had done it with other clubs in other leagues. SM are not great with this. I'm a long term player but had to create new forum account, the old one just would not work.
  5. I noticed Busquets has dropped by a few mill because his value is £19m and I still have an ai bid of £29m. I had him listed incase he drops in rating.
  6. Ok thanks. Was worried because. I'd been buying all the bargains in this thread 😛
  7. I saw someone mentioned a 100 squad cap - is the cap being reduced to this or is that some custom world thing?
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