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  1. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    They all give the same quote I gave though' date=' which does not say Hummels is staying... it says he's thought about leaving.

    I'm not saying Hummels will move to United now, I'm not that deluded, but it hasn't been 100% ruled out otherwise simply Zorc would have said 'I can confirm Mats Hummels will stay at Borussia Dortmund' simple.[/quote']

    If your sporting director comes out and says such a thing,I would hazard a guess he maybe might know what's going on.

    Just possibly.

  2. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    I can't find where he says Hummels is staying a Borussia Dortmund.

    He says

    "It made sense that Mats was thinking about his future' date=' but I always pointed out that we plan (for the future) with him."

    "As far as I know, Hummels's contract still runs until 2017. We did not receive any offer that we should think about."

    That doesn't mean he's staying any more than LVG's comments about David De Gea... do you see what I mean?[/quote']

    Sky sports,goal.com,daily express daily mail.

    Type in zorc hummels into Google.

    Again this was last Wednesday, nothing from hummels to refute this.

    There's more sources as well.

    Borussia Dortmund’s sporting director Michael Zorc confirmed in Thursday’s Kicker, that Mats Hummels is staying in Dortmund next season. “Mats Hummels cancelled on van Gaal” was the headline, putting the rumors linking the defender with Manchester United to bed for another transfer period.

    Zorc said in Kicker: “It was legitimate, that Mats had to make up his mind about his future, but I always pointed to the fact, that we are staying with Hummels next season.” After several talks with Hummels and his father, who is also his agent, both parties reached a “clear consent” according to Zorc.

    For Borussia Dortmund it’s great news to their captain for another season. Mats Hummels is one of the figureheads at BVB and one of the best defenders there is – unless he is going through an injury-ridden post world-cup season. Though in the final stints of the 2014/2015 Hummels has found back to his old self and is one reason why Dortmund’s defense stabilized significantly.

  3. Re: Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread

    Out of curiosity' date=' how does the CL/EL system work in germany in relation to the national cup?

    Im asking this because im curious as to whether Borussia actually need to get that 6th spot or if the current 7th spot will be enough.

    The cup, in italy, grants access to europe to the winner, and if the winner is already in a league spot that grants him a place, then that cup spot will automatically go to the next in line in the league, was wondering if the same system works in germany aswell. Because that would mean that, even if Borussia finish 7th (they must finish at least 7th for this to be possible) they would get Europe, no matter the cup result, because, if they win, they get automatic access, but if they Lose, Wolfsburg already is in a CL spot, so the cup spot will go to the 7th in the league, which is still Borussia.

    If this is the case, then all they need is to not lose against Bremen and next season they will have EL[/quote']

    The winner qualifies for the DFL-Supercup and the UEFA Europa League unless the winner already qualifies for the UEFA Champions League in the Bundesliga.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    I'd wait till tomorrow before saying that.

    All that has been released so far is...

    "It made sense that Mats was thinking about his future but I always pointed out that we plan [for the future] with him' date='"

    Doesn't say for certain he will stay and the source is from GOAL.com who are just plain awful for this kind of thing...

    Either way we know United will strengthen, I'll be genuinely shocked for once if we don't sign him as him and Depay were the only players I felt very, very confident about.

    We'll see what happens. In any case I'd put good money on United having a better bigger window that City.[/quote']

    Not so sure now,with FFP reportedly being being relaxed,bet City and PSG to go huge once it's ratified.

  5. Re: Official Manchester United Thread

    Germany international Mats Hummels has rejected a move to Manchester United, according to his club Borussia Dortmund.

    United have been interested in Hummels for a while and he is on manager Louis van Gaal's list of transfer targets this summer.

    But Dortmund sporting director Michael Zorc claimed on Wednesday night that the £37million-rated defender will stay at the Bundesliga club.

    Now as gossip goes,this is all over the Internet,and several other sources.

    Doesn't mean it true,but goes to show the summer recruitment might be a little bit harder than anticipated.

    The only good thing about this from a Utds point of view is that's it not on Sky Sports(yet).

  6. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread

    I have done' date=' but also the context in which you posted that quote would strongly suggest you were using it to argue Gerrard was the best as well as one of the best.

    I am merely further highlighting that IF that were the case then your own evidence is against you.

    But I'm sure you agree Gerrard is definitely not the best PL CM in history.[/quote']

    At no point did that quote say he was the best.

    Merely celebrating one of the finest players to grace the game.

    That's one of,not the best,he's no Dalglish.

  7. Re: Official Liverpool Thread

    If I'm looking for the best Dr in the NHS I want someone who has been able to work in a successful team for a prolonged period of time as well as being individually brilliant.

    He is one of the greatest' date=' I've never claimed he isn't? Again actually read my post before deciding what my view is on the matter.

    To be even more perfectly clear.

    Stephen Gerrard is a Liverpool legend and one of the best players in PL history.

    He is not however THE BEST in PL history.

    Also why should you not consider what team a player plays for? Would Messi be worth anything if he was playing for Accrington Stanley?

    The team honours matter too, when you're comparing the absolute best you have to consider everything. Gerrard was excellent but others were better. There are objective reasons to support my argument as well as subjective ones.

    The argument for Steven Gerrard is completely subjective (opinion based).

    Ben we have had our differences but apart from the obsession with Jamie Redknapps views,has any Liverpool fan on here claimed he is the best?

    Apologies if one has,but it seems like your holding everyone responsible for Redknapps views tonight.

    Clearly one of the best in PL history,are Redknapps views that important?

  8. Re: Official Premier League Discussion Thread

    Okay' date=' in that case I'll call Hernandez's celebration after scoring the winning goal against Atlético wrong as well.

    After all, Henry said it, so I should believe it, right?[/quote']

    Believe what you want,I've had the pleasure of watching Gerard in action.

    Don't really care what you think or believe.

    Really don't care.

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