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  1. Not sure how Armstrong and Stephens haven't got rises. I know I'm a Saints fan but they've been criminally underdone IMO. Adams should have gone up to 85 as well. If Saints carry on the way they have been since matches resumed in June then there will be some big rises next time around.
  2. If Ings doesn't get 91 now it will be ludicrous.
  3. Given Grealish has risen to 90, I think Ings has a genuine chance of getting a +2 to 91. Not saying it's likely but it's more possible than it was 24 hours ago.
  4. Imagine if Messi is successful in terminating his contract. The absolute bedlam it would create in new gameworlds until he signed for a new club would be very entertaining!
  5. Also looking at your Saints predictions you've missed Armstrong. He should get a plus 2 really - very influential under Ralph.
  6. I expect Ings to rise to 90, I'm hoping for 91. Last season Ings was third in Europe in goals from open play, behind only Lewandowski and Immobile. 91 is probably too much for him this time but you never know.
  7. Is anyone else finding Atalanta's strategy of taking turns to foul Neymar amusing?
  8. Salisu has completed his move to Saints. Cracking signing for us. 😄
  9. Hi, I'm a regular reader of the forum but this is my first post. I'm a Saints fan and I'll be staggered if he doesn't get 90. He's been sensational for Saints. I know I'm biased but Saints will be a team to keep an eye on next season. Smallbone should be picked up if he's available. He's rated 70 and Hassenhuttl rates him highly. With PEH going to Spurs he'll get more game time. Back to Ings, I don't think his form will drop off any time soon. He'll defo get 90 this time round and there's a small chance he'll go up again to 91 if he and Saints continue their form into next season (Saints
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