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  1. Re: Wayne Bridge told you clichy was better...
  2. Re: Hi, i'm new GUESS WHOS BACK.... BACK AGAIN after 2 years in south america im back and cnt believe the changes in soccer manager its weird but great
  3. Re: Wigan Vs Man Utd lol i hope so, u just hope for the sake of the premiership and for the sake of fair play and honesty that chelsea and wigan can somehow do what they need to, it will be extremely hard for wigan coz not only they gotta outdo Man u but they gotta work against the ref, lino's and 4th official 15 on 11! gonna be hard
  4. Re: Wigan Vs Man Utd to be honest yer i have seen moments wehre it looks like something is not right and then i have seen today. after this 45 mins of pathetic decisions there is no doubt it is either A) the ref is a complete and utter bottler and should not be refereeing a game of this magnitude coz 1 or 2 mistakes maybe but 3 in 20 mins??? or sir alex and the rest of em and paying him shocking but it is either A or B because this shouldnt happen especially man u aint even the home team so you cant even use that as an excuse. where was the linesman, linesman fourth official and referee with rio ferdinand? where the same people on scholes obvious second yellow? there should be a full investigation in bennett with the police involved and he should be banned because their is no excusing his disgraceful behaviour and the way he is embarassing the premier league. Chelsea need to win but it probably wont happen CHELSEA 4 JUSTICE
  5. Re: Who do u thinks gonna win 2007/2008 Arsenal easily everyone wrote em off foolishly at the start and now still unbeaten winning left right centre everyone bar adebayor excelling the only two games we didnt win we deserved to, blackburn and defintely liverpool yesterday but 2 draws are alright. liverpool going to be no where it prob be man u 2nd chelsea 3rd and liverpool 4th thats what i see
  6. Re: **HOT NEWS*** Mourinho left Chelsea. Did he jump or was he pushed? chelsea fans musnt forget what abramovich has done. chelsea were crippling under HUGE debt and declining on the pitch bad they had a old team and no real stars suddenly abramovich comes and buys 2 Pl titles 2 CCup and a FA cup so to say he has ruined chelsea is selfish and ungrateful. btw chelsea wernt a big team pre abramovich they were like aston villa say so abramovich has dun something for u
  7. Re: SpanishRatings Riquelme - as good a player as he is he aint playing and HAS to go down surely now to 95/94 Robinho - back end of last season really started to shine and went off this planet in copa america 92 to low should get 93 now Ramos - should go up to 93 now starting to firmly establish himself in madrid and spain now Fazio - only rated 76 and played 90 mins against arsenal last night (although he was shocking) has now started 2 champions league games and 2 la liga games should get an increase on the fact he is starting in the champions league and la liga prob to 85. Diego Capel - rated 80 but playing a lot for seville now. also shined at the youth world cup in the summer where he scored an impressive 90th min lob against uruguay i think (not definetely them i think it is) played last night against arsenal and played both CL qualifiers also made 1 league appearance with 1 off the bench. enough for 84/85 i think. Sneijder - well, 93 at ajax. moves to the biggest club in the world and smashes 4 in his first 4 games from midfield not 2 sure if that enough for a 94 but he will DEFINTELY get that at the next changes if not this one if he is still playing good Sunday - valencia midfielder 82 rated i saw him at the emirates in the summer looked good reminds me of vieira a bit starting to play now 1 start an 1 sub in the champions league and the same likewise for la liga mite go to 84 for now
  8. Re: Antonio Puerta R.I.P ANTONIO PUERTA, so sad and tragic. why is he down as retiring on SM? completely wrong thing to do i think the only thing you can do is remove him instantly you cant have him down as "retiring at end of season" and about compensation for teams i think thats a no because seville wont get a transfer fee as compo so teams on here shouldnt
  9. Re: Tottenham in turmoil? doubt it, "this is the season tottenham come forth 4th and get champions league with our unbeatable quartet of strikers", just shows u can buy who u want but if ur team spirit cant match those of a team just promoted what hope you got. they should follow arsenals lead
  10. Re: F.A Premier League 2007-2008 lol tottenham smashed on their own ground by everton in the season "they were supposed to get champions league" at this rate they will be lucky to make the uefa cup spot this season what a horror show bottom after two games 4 let in and 1 goal scored by their supposed "best strike force" roll on the season
  12. i didnt no what to do so i posted it here lol dont moan at me for putting it here coz this is help and i dont know what to do MY DEFENSE: i bought chivu in one of my teams for about 12 million cant really remeber but he is worth 8.4 m so its not exactly dodgy. i then made NO FURTHER DEALINGS with roma yet just now they have reversed the chivu and docked my manager points from 107 to 30!!! i hope this is a human error because if it is not then this game is going very downhill because they are doing this for the fun of it? can someone explain to me that if i buy someone for 150% of their value and buy no more players from them, dont no the manager so dnt share an i.p, how can this be classed as cheating? i now have a rating of 30 for no apparent reason can someone tell me how i can talk to someone senior about this because i am so annoyed its unreal!!!
  13. Re: Arsenal Gossip "arsenal have offered Eduardo Da Silva (90) a four year deal for an undisclosed fee. He will complete a medical upon agreeing a contract." now i think eduardo silva looks a good player and had henry still been here i would have been excited by this signing but henry isnt here and so i think "thats the replacement?" but i dont know yet he mite turn out class but he might not can someone who has seen him enough tell me about him?
  14. Re: Currency i see i only thought about it because i thought European players must have to get used to GBP when for them Euros would be easier and i thought if it is easy to implement then surely it can be a good thing for Euro users?
  15. not too big an issue for me but just suprised it hasnt been mentioned before: An option on the home page where u can select which currency you want to use i. Euro, dollar etc. it could work in the same way as "site skinning" Your thoughts?
  16. Re: Henry joins Barcelona!!! babel is a cheeky git lol he said today or yesterday "i will be at ajax next season but ONE DAY I WILL PLAY FOR ARSENAL" lol i thought "aint you getting a bit ahead of yourself mate what if we dont want you next year?"
  17. Re: Valencia World Championship 7 sorry boys unlucky
  18. Re: Valencia World Championship 7 did any of you get them?
  19. Re: Valencia World Championship 7 i will now
  20. Re: Valencia World Championship 7 the squad:- Cech Ustari lahm miguel van den borre carvalho ayala barzagli g.milito albiol giggs vicente gavilan joaquin xavi montengro baraja costinha villa del piero agbonlahor toni Youth squad:- merida traore 32.3 million in the bank i will release in 10 mins at 22:10 so be ready
  21. i have a valencia world setup 7 which i dont want anymore is there a way i can get rid of to someone worthy on here rather then someone randomly on the game?
  22. Re: Henry joins Barcelona!!! i think people are being too hasty in saying arsenal will "plummet" arsenal still have a very good core and with time and experience and a few heads can still challenge again next season
  23. Re: Gold Championship 7 sorry mate i need better then that without going out and buying someone
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