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  1. As always, big fan for years now. Me and my friends have played for nearly 10 years and have been waiting for an update. SMW is unique asset and has helped fund your other projects. Addressing the economy issue thats in most GW’s, that’s the key to making people want to stay in these leagues. No one wants £800m and not be able to spend it. Hopefully these team player caps, new contracts, new concerns, new facilities and stadium building will all help with keeping the game worlds flowing and economy moving. Looking forward to the change in player depth and how we can view th
  2. Martial still 90.. But Rashford season warrants a 92. Hopefully he will be done tomorrow as Mason has not had a rise either.
  3. Frenkie! I have also said the same thing, when seeing the likes of Papu Gómez/Alberto get a rise to a 92. Martial tats are a lot better with higher goal participation. I think he should of got a 91 rise earlier, then a rise to 92 this season would of been fine. I can’t see SM doing a +2 rise, can only hope. I am a United fan, so there could be a slight bias.
  4. Nearly 7 years without a change. I thought surely, this has to be his year.. SM ratings having been very sus this window. Still shook over Grealish’s increase 🤢
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