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  1. Okay. Thank you for the answer 😀
  2. Hahaha sorry mate. After I check my words, I mean will 😂
  3. Will Ferran Torres get +1 on this review?
  4. Wow, thank you. I will buy him now
  5. Are Yeremi Pino will rise for +2/3?
  6. Who will get +1 between Chilwell & Tierney at the end of season?
  7. Are James Maddison will rise to 92 at the end of season?
  8. Are James Maddison and Ben Chilwell will get +1 on winter review?
  9. Thank you guys, I will buy Darwin Nunez now 😀
  10. In my opinion, if I have them, I use 4-3-3 A (my favorit formation) GK: Ter-Stegen DC: Marquinhos, Gimenez DR: Hakimi DL: Theo Hernandez MC: Thomas Partey, B. Silva, T. Ndombele AMR: Sterling AML: S. Mane CF: M. Salah That's my opinion, CMIIW haha
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