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  1. I try to find solution for my team, cause when I against an opponent who use 4-3-3B. I'm lose :)) Okay, thanks, I will try it later..
  2. I'm finding a solution to against the team use 4-3-3 B cause when I use 4-4-2 A, and I switch all to Normal and Own Half, I lost the game
  3. Yes i'm agree. We must have large squad or versatile players to do that. Same like you, In another world, I have very small squad and ratings tho
  4. I'm always adaptive. I was use 2 or 3 different formation on this season
  5. Excuse me, I wanna ask a question about, how can I beat a manager with 4-3-3 B own half tactics? My team are 93 rated but I was lose today
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